What does it mean to dream that the electricity goes out

You should know that unfortunately dreaming that the electricity goes out is not a positive dream. Since this shows that you have stopped being a positive person and very optimistic about the future. Uncertainty terrifies you and you are not a proactive person, so you leave your projects halfway through.

But in spite of this, it is not a dream where you sentence a failure or the approach of a negative event. This dream speaks of your attitude that you have today and that a problem can be generated by yourself. Even miss an opportunity in life that you can regret later.

In addition, it is clear that if you recently had a power outage in your daily life, it would be normal for this fact to appear in your dream. If this is your case, you should not worry, since it only shows that this event has caused you a great scare. Because many times things that have generated a very strong feeling, whether positive or negative, tend to appear in our dreams.

But if this is not the case, dreaming of a blackout has people who want to create something new or try something, but they do not succeed because thousands of negative ideas come to mind. This is very common and for this reason there are very few people who achieve things that really make them happy. So your subconscious wants to avoid that fact.

This dream has a lot to do with dreaming of darkness , where it shows the fear and uncertainty that prevents you from taking the necessary actions to improve your life. This prevents success and makes you a very cowardly person.

And dreaming that there is no electricity shows that things that happened in the past or perhaps recently, have made you a person who cannot have self-confidence.

Above all, you are terrified of things that are unpredictable and do not have a defined path. I must say that unfortunately this will make you lead a life that is dictated by other people and you have to live for other people and not for your happiness. So be very careful.

Now I will leave you a dream that has a lot to do with dreaming about a blackout. This can help you to arrive at a more adequate interpretation.

Dream that the light goes out in the street

This shows that you do not feel safe with the life that you have decided and have traveled until now.

This dream is especially seen in young people who are finishing a university degree and do not know if their career choice was correct. Even in people who are not happy with their jobs. So they have some doubts about the profession they chose.

However, it is only a reflection of your feeling and fear. So don’t worry, all you have to do is focus on what you’re doing. Since this stage will pass and joys will come to your life.

Do not forget that everything is in your mind and being able to improve your life will depend on you. Also, if you cannot change the way you are, you will continue to have this dream

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