Dream that you are electrocuted

On many occasions dreaming that you are electrocuted feels very realistic, and the fear, pain and despair that we feel makes us wake up scared. In general, a dream where we get electrocuted symbolizes our energy and a new stage where we will be focused on self-knowledge.

It can become both a positive and a negative dream, so we must keep in mind the details of it and see how we get electrocuted to have a better interpretation. This type of dream represents nervous tension, sadness, fears, power, tiredness, the way we communicate with others, problems and how we control our feelings.

Dream that you are electrocuted

Getting electrocuted in the dream indicates that we will begin to do new things, we will carry out plans that will make us experience significant changes. If we feel pain when electrocuted, then it predicts that we will experience bad times. These unexpected events will cause us much sadness. If we are in our house and get electrocuted, it predicts that we will feel tired and lack energy. To regain strength we should take a break from our daily activities.

Touching a plug and getting electrocuted alerts us to upcoming problems at work. Turning on the light and getting electrocuted shows that we will discover a secret of our partner. When we get electrocuted but don’t feel pain, it portends good news or the end of problems. If someone electrocutes us, it means that we should not make plans in areas where we are not experts. Electrocuting us with the doorbell shows that there is a person who is trying to find us, but we are running away from him because we do not trust him.

Seeing someone get electrocuted in the dream

When we see a person get electrocuted, it predicts that we will discover something very important. This will make us feel very nervous and anxious. If someone is electrocuted and dies, it means that we will have health problems. Seeing that a person is electrocuted by touching a screw, predicts that we will lose large amounts of money.

If you are electrocuted by an appliance

Seeing in the dream that you touch a radio that is plugged in and get electrocuted, indicates that something will happen in an unplanned way. This will make us feel that we are losing control, but we must remain calm, since things will not be as bad as we imagine. When we get electrocuted with a mixer, this dream predicts fights in the home.

Touching a television and feeling that we receive an electric shock shows that our nerves are at the limit. The negative is invading our life and this will cause a nervous breakdown that will end our goals. We must ask for help before this happens. If the razor causes us to get electrocuted, it shows that someone will treat us to a trip.

Dream that you are electrocuted by a cable

Touching a bare wire and getting electrocuted means that our patience is about to run out and we will start a serious fight with someone close to us. Stepping on an electrical cable and getting electrocuted predicts the betrayal of a friend. Repairing a cable and receiving an electrical shock indicates that the risk we are taking is fully justified.

Being electrocuted in an electric chair

This dream shows that we will have to face great problems, due to enemies that will make our lives impossible. If when we are electrocuted in the electric chair we do not feel anything, it predicts that we will easily overcome obstacles.

See we are electricians and we get electrocuted

This type of dream shows that we should spend our energy on things that will be useful to us. Right now we are wasting our time and energy. Being electricians and installing light bulbs that give us an electric shock means that we are seeing everything dark, without seeing the way out of our problems.

Dream that you get electrocuted because of the water

Touching the water and being electrocuted predicts moments of great pain and great sadness. We should not feel ashamed to ask our family for help, since with their support we will get ahead faster.

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