What does it mean to dream that you are pregnant with your ex?

What does it mean to dream that you are pregnant with your ex?

Dreaming that you are pregnant by your ex shows you something negative about yourself, this does not let you move forward in life and you must get it out of your mind. You must know what it is and give it a solution, which will be totally possible.

First you should know that dreaming of pregnancy is really something positive. Where it shows you the maturity you have.

But when it comes to dreaming that you get pregnant by your ex, it means that you are a person who cannot live alone. That is, you believe that to live happily it will depend on someone or someone’s presence.

However, the reality is that neither of these situations is necessary. Happiness is in you and how you live, or how you want to see life.

In addition, the reality is that you are taking those dreams with your ex-partner as excuses. Since for most it would be uncomfortable to see the dream that consists of having the child of the person who is in the past. You are using these situations as a reason not to act and fight for your dreams.

You must know that you are a person capable of living alone and without having to turn to someone else to be happy. When you manage to think that way and at the same time achieve your goals, you will be able to find a wonderful person who values ​​positive things in you.

This situation is very common in people who are afraid to take the next step in their lives. This can vary, whether it’s the culmination of your career, starting a career, changing jobs, or even starting a new relationship. Do not forget that you are worth more than you think.

You may be interested in dreaming of another person’s pregnancy that is closely related to this dream because of its meaning.

We will present you the variants of this dream.

Dreaming that your ex is pregnant by someone else

Dreaming that your ex-boyfriend impregnates another or ex-girlfriend is pregnant by another, shows that this relationship has not ended in the best way.

Even if that person was not your official partner or it was spontaneous, the relationship you have after your relationship is bad. The reason is that dreaming that the ex has someone else’s child shows your resentment and a certain courage. You are still blaming that person who was to blame for the relationship to fail.

However, that idea will not be good for your next or current engagement. You must change the chip because it will not be good for you or for that new person you are going to love. Because that way you will not be able to be truly happy. First you must love yourself or yourself.

Dream that your ex is pregnant with you

Dreaming of an ex-girlfriend or partner who has your child would be a context similar to the general dream of this article, but in reverse. I mean, now you’re supposed to be male.

And in this case it even has the similar meaning, but it differs in some things. Since it means that you cannot forget about that person. The thing is that you can be a mature person who can make her own decisions, but now you regret having walked away from her.

In this case, if you are totally sure of what you feel, you must act and fight for it. But if it is just an impulse of your emotions, you should take a good look at the current situation and analyze well before taking action.

dream my ex wife is pregnant

When we dream of seeing an ex-wife pregnant, this means that we are not doing well in our relationships. You consider improving them, but you don’t know how to do it.

You feel that you don’t have the amount of friends you had before or you don’t do well in friendships. But in reality this is something natural, and as the years go by friendships decrease. Even being the sign that you are maturing. You must not worry and follow your path with great responsibility.

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