What does it mean to dream that you are thrown earth

Dreaming that they throw dirt at you is showing that there are many things that you are sorry for. These regrets can be for things you did or didn’t do. The detail is that you fear dying with these regrets.

When it comes to dreaming of land , this is warning you of a possible change, where things will happen that will make a 180 degree turn in your life. That is, things will happen that will surprise you.

But when it comes to being grounded, it shows that you are fearing change. Above all, you are afraid that you may die. Not because of any disease or because you are an old person. This is due to the regret that your life has left you.

What happens is that you are afraid that you could end your life having many things that you cannot get out of your head.

Mostly the dream is due more to the things we have not done than to the one we have done and have failed or failed. If this is your case, you are typical of those who would like to turn back time and do what you did not dare to do in the past. Above all, you are one of those people who cannot leave the past behind and look to the future with optimism.

I must clarify that this is a dream that warns you that you should look for a change of character and personality. This way of being will not help you in any way when you want to start something. That is, you will always resist trying something new. And the dream shows that you must change that.

Before finishing I leave you a variant of this dream that can help you a lot. Perhaps this is the dream that is closest to the one you had.

Dream that earth falls on you

This dream symbolizes that you are a person who has been making excuses for things. You are one of those people who thinks that bad things have happened to them. And it’s because you haven’t been lucky in life.

You believe that the life of each one will depend on the family you have, on the opportunities that have appeared or on luck in general.

To some extent you may be right if this is your case. But I must tell you that things are possible to change and if you have life you can achieve anything you have set out to do.

What your subconscious is looking for with the dream is to put aside the fact of considering luck as a determining factor. Because you know that you must act to achieve what you want. But you take it as an excuse not to risk it.

This attitude is natural for humans who avoid change. But if you had this dream it is because you know that you should not do this. So, from now on, seek to act for yourself and achieve a positive change in your life.

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