What does it mean to dream that your ex returns with you?

What does it mean to dream that your ex returns with you?

Dreaming that your ex returns with you, is showing something of your personality that you yourself are wanting to change. If you manage to change, you could achieve important things in your life. We will show you what it is and how you can achieve it.

But be careful, what you want to change has nothing to do directly with love or with your ex-partner. I mean, even though your ex shows up, it’s not like it has anything to do with that person. Rather the past should be left behind. We will tell you why.

Specifically, dreaming that your ex comes back to you shows that you want to be a person who can complete your projects or make those ideas you have come true. That is, you are a person who cannot achieve important things because you do not persist when you should.

Dreaming of your ex-partner has a direct relationship with this dream, since here it shows insecurity.

And it is precisely insecurity that does not allow you to act or persist when there are difficulties. Surely you yourself generate excuses such as, “if I fail”, “if they make fun of me”, “if my effort does not work” etc.

However, that is where you need to change. You are precisely a person who cares too much about the opinion of others. This has made it generate insecurity in you because you care too much about criticism.

So, if you manage to take those important steps in your life, it will be because you have lost the fear of the opinion that others have of you.

You may be interested in dreaming that your ex despises you , which is a dream that has an opposite context but the variants it has may interest you.

Dream that your ex is looking for you and you reject him

Dreaming that your ex comes looking for you but you reject him has a very positive meaning. Since this shows that you really want to grow as a person to achieve important things in life.

The only problem is that you may be trying but you still don’t have the results you want. This is totally normal, so the only thing you need to know is that things don’t give results overnight or in a week or sometimes not even in a month.

But you know that things can be successful if you keep trying and everything will depend only on you.

Dream that my ex is looking for me and I hide

Dreaming that your ex comes looking for you but you hide, is showing you that you are a person who gets discouraged very quickly when faced with small problems.

This attitude will not be good for your life project, nor to create good friendships. Since most people prefer people who are optimistic.

To solve this, you must first try to grow as a person and know that setbacks are not important if you want to get higher.

Dream about my ex husband coming back

If you dream that you return to your ex-husband, this means that you feel that you have many problems and that does not let you move forward in life.

This can be reality to the extent that you allow it. Since you know that you can provide solutions to all the problems you have, but it will depend a lot on your attitude to get out of them.

You should know that it is not necessary to solve all things, but you still have to face the difficulties.

Dream about your ex boyfriend coming back

In the case of dreaming about your ex boyfriend looking for you and coming back, it means that you are a person who gives up when you are about to achieve things in life.

This is because you are unconsciously avoiding success for fear of changing your reality. Remember, when you are about to give up, it means that you are going to achieve it soon.

Dream that you get back with your ex and you are happy

Dreaming that you get back together with your ex and they are happy shows that you are very conformist and do not want to leave your comfort zone.

This is not something that generates a tragedy. But yes, because of this attitude you are missing many opportunities that life gives you.

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