Dream with guinea pigs

Dreaming of guinea pigs represents that aspect of us that always gives all the best to others. The guinea pigs in the dream show our way of acting responsibly, being attentive to other people.

This type of dream also shows that we are willing to give love to those who need it, although many times we do not receive the same from those people. Within the negative side of this dream, it shows our obsessive side when trying to take care of others. Sometimes others can feel suffocated by our affection.

dream with guinea pigs

Seeing a guinea pig during a dream indicates that an enemy of us will take advantage of our kindness and take over our business. If the guinea pig is our pet, it predicts times of great happiness. Having a guinea pig in our hands means that we are giving all our attention to someone, but we have to be careful not to drown that person with so many signs of affection, and give him the space he deserves. Finding a guinea pig that causes us joy, predicts that soon someone we appreciate very much will give us great happiness.

See baby guinea pigs in sleep

In general, the dream where baby guinea pigs are appreciated, usually occurs in fathers or mothers who are afraid of having to leave their children in the care of third parties. Also baby guinea pigs predict a small annoyance with an acquaintance. A lost baby guinea pig alerts us to a danger that is around us and we are not seeing it, or we are ignoring it, thinking that it will not happen to adults.

Meaning of dreaming of dead guinea pigs

Seeing that the guinea pigs are dead, indicates that we will support someone, and their response will be ingratitude. This dream also shows that there is a person who wants to betray us, and will take advantage of our kindness. Seeing a dying guinea pig shows that we have to finish solving old problems in order to move towards our goals. Finding a dead guinea pig inside our house indicates that we will find betrayal on the part of someone whom we considered to be our family. This will fill us with frustration and anger.

If we see that they are alive

A dream where live guinea pigs are appreciated reflects our personal dissatisfaction. We have to sit down and evaluate our goals. This dream also means that we are denying or repressing our feelings.

See big guinea pigs in the dream

Seeing or having large guinea pigs in the dream is a very good omen, since it heralds the beginning of a good stage, full of opportunities and happiness. Catching a large guinea pig that looks adorable, predicts that we will have larger than expected economic gains.

Dream about fried guinea pigs

Fried guinea pigs in the dream shows that we must be more responsible and put our feet on the ground, because by always trying to help others, we have abandoned ourselves, and we have even forgotten to work for our own dreams.

Buy a guinea pig

If we buy a guinea pig, it means that we have many talents that we are not making the most of. We feel exhausted by daily responsibilities and we are not seeing the opportunities that we have.

If we give one

It means that our fears of losing something important, such as a job, family or a friendship, are dominating us, and do not allow us to see into the future.

When the guinea pig is white

A white guinea pig means that we will take a risk with the businesses that we have been planning and everything will turn out perfect. The white guinea pigs in the dream also show how easy we are to communicate with others. Seeing a white guinea pig near us predicts great economic gains.

Dream about black guinea pigs

A black guinea pig predicts that a person who pretends to be a friend and we have helped him a lot, will try to keep our earnings.

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