Dream with rooster

In general terms, dreaming of a rooster is considered a symbol of good luck. We can have this luck in love, work, money, health, etc. Depending on how the rooster appears to us in the dream, we will know in which aspect we will be lucky.

But when we dream of a rooster it is not always a positive and favorable dream, it can also alert us to deception, betrayal, problems and disappointments.

dream with rooster

Seeing a rooster portends that we will soon have great luck at work and business. If the rooster is in our house, it means that we will be able to fulfill our dreams without much effort, since luck is on our side. When we see a crying or sad rooster in a dream, it indicates that bad news is coming that will make us cry a lot. Seeing that a rooster lays an egg predicts that we will receive an inheritance unexpectedly. Cooking and eating a rooster shows that someone close to us will pass away. A lame or lame rooster represents good friends.

See a dead rooster

A dead rooster in the dream indicates that business will not go as planned. If he is dead near us, it indicates that we will lose the person we love for not behaving in the best way.

Omen of dreaming of a white rooster

Seeing a white rooster in the dream, portends that our success will be incredible. Things will start to come out easily, as everything will be aligned in our favor. It is the best time to launch our dreams, business or company.

If we see a black rooster in the dream

When we have a dream with a black rooster, it indicates that we will discover that someone is using the forces of evil to harm us and our family. In the short term we will begin to fight with the malignant manifestations that will appear. Killing a black rooster warns us of fire danger.

fine roosters

Having a fine rooster indicates that luck and profits will gradually make us become arrogant and vain people, that will make close people move away from us. If we want to keep family and friends, we must not forget where we came from and who helped us achieve what we now have.

Dream of an attacking rooster

If the rooster attacks us, this dream shows that we will ruin something that was working perfectly, it can be a partner, family, studies or work. Only we will be guilty of this failure.

if they are colored

Roosters with beautiful colors in their plumage, indicates that we will be very happy with our family and with our friends.

red rooster

When a rooster with red plumage appears in a dream, it is a warning to us. It shows that if we don’t learn to manage our negative emotions, we will soon be overwhelmed by them. It is better that we start now to control our emotions and avoid problems.

See rooster sing in the dream

Listening to the crowing of a rooster, either in the morning or at any time of the day, is very positive, as it augurs prosperity and successful love for life. But if the rooster does not stop singing, then it alerts us to a betrayal that we will commit against our partner.

Meaning of killing a rooster  

Wanting to kill the rooster alerts us to people who envy us and wish us harm, and for now we don’t suspect them. If we kill the rooster that bothered us, it indicates that our cunning will end up causing us pain.

Dream in which a rooster flies

Seeing that a rooster is flying is a great dream, since it marks the end of a bad streak and the beginning of a new stage full of opportunities and successes.

Dream of a headless rooster

If the headless rooster is running everywhere, it represents the struggle that we will have to face to achieve our goals. Seeing how someone twists the rooster’s neck and leaves it headless, indicates that a relative will give you a lot of advice to achieve success.

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