Dream that you can’t wake up

Dream that you can’t wake up

There is a double explanation to get closer to understanding why you dream that you cannot wake up, but not before knowing that this can be caused by existential anguish or emotional disturbances . They can also be caused by traumas that have been going on since childhood or from the present, by stress and by some fears. 

The first is a scientific approach that expresses this event as a kind of detachment between the mind and the body after both have slept, and having the habit or custom of always sleeping and waking up together. It also happens when you wake up from sleep, but with the small detail that one wakes up before the other. 

In other words, the mind wakes up first and then the body or vice versa. It is just at that moment that the anguish is created that you cannot wake up and you think you are dreaming it.

The second explanation has to do with what they call the nightmare . It is the possession of terrible dreams that generate anguish and from which you want to wake up but you cannot. 

It gives you sweating, spasmodic movements in bed and you even make sounds and even words. In this case you may be dreaming and cannot wake up.

a complex dream

This is a dream that we frequently have and what is experienced is really unpleasant. This is because there is a transition between sleep and wakefulness and in some cases a kind of sleep paralysis occurs, in fact that is the name given to this phenomenon.

It is very possible that you are really experiencing it, but it is also possible that it is just a dream that makes you relive the sensation that we are describing. 

This dream is undoubtedly linked to anguish, despair and chaos of the dreamer. That is why here we leave you various interpretations so that you can know what is happening in your world and what you should attend to so as not to feel so stunned.

you can’t wake up

Dream that you struggle to wake up 

You are very distressed and want to get rid of something urgently. It is possible that what distresses you is really serious and that is why you fight in the dream. You are on the verge of opening your eyes or leaving them closed. It is an internal struggle with yourself. 

Dream that you cannot wake up and want to go to work 

Responsibility calls you and you need to alert yourself to fulfill it. You are at a time when something is being questioned in the workplace and you wish you were not experiencing this pressing situation. 

Dream that you cannot wake up and you must read a letter

There’s something you don’t want to know about. You would like that such a thing is not happening in your immediate environment. There are rumors about you and you don’t want to hear about it. You feel like not seeing this reality. You must strive to resolve this situation in front of these people. 

To dream that you cannot wake up and want to scream

This need to scream indicates that there is something that has you very emotionally suffocated. You need a little peace and you can’t find it. Your health can deteriorate in this type of situation. You must express what you want to free yourself from such annoyance. 

you don’t wake up

Dream that you can not wake up or open your eyes

You are making an effort to avoid a situation that makes you very uncomfortable, that produces a barbaric stress and persistent anguish. The problem is that it is beyond your domain to take control and although it is something that is latent there, and it does not belong to you at all, it indirectly influences your character, sowing you with rage.

To dream that you are a child who wants to wake up and cannot

A childhood situation made a strong impression on you and over time it has been transformed into memories that torture you, cause you trauma and you cannot easily get rid of it. 

If those thoughts affect you too much, make an effort to abandon them trying to find the good side and the positive that is there.

The idea is to build a resource to find a solution so that little by little things become clearer, to disintegrate them from your subconscious and try to make it disappear entirely. 

Dream of your death and you can’t wake up

This is a dream that is difficult to interpret because it is full of ambiguities, that is, several meanings are perceived from it. 

However, it could be pointed out to you that you are experiencing moments of great anguish and tension because you are not satisfied with various changes that are occurring in your daily life. The transformation of the order that governs things annoys you and causes you concern.

random moments 

To dream that you cannot wake up because they persecute you

If you are dreaming of something that is chasing you, it is logical to think that you are reciprocally fleeing from something. Now, you must pay close attention to carefully observe your personality, because precisely what is chasing you is associated with a trait of your personality that causes you a lot of disturbance and that has practically become your shadow and does not leave you alone.

Now, this dream is a clear announcement that you should know that trait of your personality that bothers you so much. Specify it to be able to attack it , defeat it and free yourself from it. If this is not possible, the assistance of professional help is recommended, resorting to a psychologist or psychiatrist to help you channel this situation more effectively. 

Dream that you fell into an abyss and can not wake up

It is obvious that this dream causes you great anguish, a terrible fear of a situation that is out of your domain and your control. It is something that you have been dragging with you for some time and now it becomes a heavy burden that sinks deeper as the days go by. 

Perhaps it is something inconsequential that because of your fears you strengthen it too much. In any case, check well what is weighing on your personality or some situation that causes you that fear and look for ways to lighten that load.

Dreaming that you are driving a car, lose control of the brakes and cannot wake up

Since you compromised with too many things to get a little extra money that you badly need, it forces you to walk in a hurry . And the worst is not that, it is to fully comply with all the demands, but since you cannot, that generates a real lack of control that makes you explode in an internal chaos and also external. 

The most convenient thing in these cases is to learn to organize and rethink life with a calmer order . Learn to calm down with a little more calm and take things little by little. Remember that the only thing left of the hurry is fatigue and it is better to do a good therapy on time than to end up with affected nerves and with psychiatric treatment.

Dreaming that you cannot wake up to get to the presentation of a job done

You are very close to executing an event of transcendental importance for you, but you feel a deep terror since they named the jury that is going to qualify you. 

It is something related to studies and experiences where you demonstrate your knowledge. Every time you think about that you feel a desperate nervousness that puts you in a state of shock, you fall silent and not a word comes out. 

It is possible that you have an insecurity problem due to some tense situation that you faced with a member of that evaluating jury, such an episode lowered your self-esteem so much that now you are terrified of facing that process. 

The most recommended thing is that you have a good preparation assisted by someone who masters the knowledge and helps you regain confidence in yourself.

Dream that you are trapped and cannot wake up

There is a strong emotional dependency that keeps you imprisoned . It is a strong anguish that makes you feel like a pressure in your chest, because some decisions that others make and that do not depend on you affect you considerably. 

The truth is that these decisions cause you a lot of damage because they bring with them separation and estrangement from loved ones. You feel that they are leaving and you are left in a void and a desperate loneliness.  

Your health at risk

Dream that you are impaired in movement and cannot wake up 

Dear friend, you feel like the living dead, like the engine of a car that only turns on, but does not start. You have a flow of dammed up emotions that cry out to flow, but unfortunately you have a condition in your personality that does not allow you to express yourself spontaneously. It is talking about the excessive shyness that prevents you from being and acting. 

That makes you sweat, nervous and you even fall silent, when you want to express your feelings, your emotions both to seek an affective relationship and to address an audience. 

Seek professional guidance with a specialist in psychology to give you the support required so that you can overcome this cumbersome situation.

Dream that you are naked in public and can not wake up

Dreaming that you are naked has a double connotation, it could be repressed desires for wanting to be free and you cannot assume that desired freedom. You feel a prisoner of life, a prisoner in your house because the morals of the home force you to fulfill your duties as a father and husband in a Christian way. 

You would like a different day to dawn in which nothing mattered and abandon all responsibility. 

You also feel confined to your work , a prisoner of routine and daily activities that are overwhelming, suffocating and exhausting. But they stress and annoy more by always repeating the same thing than by the work itself. 

You want to have a moment of madness and destroy everything, as a kind of revenge for all the days that the job has consumed you and you do not feel the retribution. 

Dream that you are injured and cannot wake up

This dream is announcing that you are not paying attention to the chaos that you have produced by managing your emotions in a disorderly way . This is causing you terrible damage because without realizing it you are becoming insensitive. 

This is an unfortunate fact because all this evil that accumulates in your soul will be ruthlessly projected onto others. So sort yourself out or seek help.

you’re drowning

Dream that you are drowning in the sea and cannot wake up

If you dream that you are drowning in the sea, it is because you have a serious affectation in your emotional world , that is, in your emotions and in your feelings. In this case your moods tend to be explosive and full of rage. Take care of the way you relate to the people you love because the jealousy you feel can lead you to be immersed in a tragedy.

Now, if you don’t pay attention to these recommendations, you can also feel pressure in your chest, which can suspend the act of breathing and cause a possible heart attack in your sensitive heart. So do your proper relaxation exercises guided by a teacher who handles these arts or seek the assistance of a psychologist.

Dream that you choke on a fishbone and you can’t wake up

There is an insidious being who wants to bribe you for knowing your secret . This constant teaching has become a torture that haunts you all day long, as if it had the responsibility of making you pay for some crime committed by you. But the true intention of that being is to extort money from you so that through your services they obtain personal benefits. He tries to avoid falling into these provocations and seeks appropriate advice so that you can get out of this situation.

Dream that you drown in dirty water and cannot wake up 

It is obvious that you are joining a group of antisocial people who are leading you down the paths of crime. You must be especially careful because in the present they try to convince you to do the purpose they are pursuing, offering you luxurious things and a comfortable life. Take care of yourself because in the end it can be something very different from the beauty with which they are conquering you in the present.

Dream that you see a baby drown and you cannot wake up

This dream is telling you that you should do a self-analysis, evaluate the way you are raising your child because perhaps you are not using the most appropriate methods. In general, using the traditional forms loaded with violence that we have learned from our family are not the most convenient. 

You are teaching, in terms of behavior, the complete opposite of the learning that you want to observe in the child. If you do not feel qualified to undertake this task because you lose patience, before committing an act of aggression that you may regret, seek guidance from a specialist in family psychology or related.

Dream that your house is on fire and you cannot wake up

The house represents the abode, the sacred temple, your refuge, the private place and only for your intimacy, for your rest and calm. It is obvious that with this dream you are showing how tired and angry you feel for your surroundings. That you are disturbed by the way you lead your life and you have changed the whole sense of the good that surrounds you. 

You feel a deep discomfort in the environment where you work, your neighbors annoy you, social groups annoy you and your home is perceived as a nest of monsters that make you very afraid. You have lost all logical contact with reality. Request specialized medical assistance to solve this situation.

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