Dreaming about a house and its meaning

Dreaming at home can hide a whole series of meanings that concern us closely and that touch the most intimate part of our being , often giving an image of our personality and reflecting, in some cases, particular moments of life.

Dreaming at home, or more generally seeing a house in dreams, may have to do with our psychic balance, as well as tell us something about our lifestyle, or even in other cases be a reflection of our state of physical health.

To better understand what he wanted to tell us to dream at home, when we wake up we must make a local reflection on how it was presented inside , paying attention to the general state in which it was shown and checking the presence of particular detectors .

In the same way, you should not overlook a possible external side : this has to do with the way we present ourselves to others.

Dreaming of your own house: clean or messy?

We have said that to interpret the best of your home in dreams you must also look within, evaluating the way this is presented to our mind.

Well, when it is clean , well organized, pleasant to live in, it is the reflection of a psychic balance achieved , of a good inner serenity .

On the contrary, if when you dream of your own house it is a mess , out of place, damaged, it is a sign of internal disorders , which can depend both on a passing mood and on much more well-founded problems.

These can respond to physical discomfort or illness to treat, as well as concerns due to personal problems that are not necessarily pathological.

In addition, in the interpretation of the house in dreams, the room in which the activity of the dream is concentrated also counts. While the kitchen and dining room are directly related to nutrition and digestion, the bathroom is close to inner purification.

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Sexuality is represented by the bedroom, while a basement speaks to us of the unconscious and the attic of our rationality.

Dreaming at home in special conditions: the most common

In general, dreaming of one’s own house is not like seeing it in a photograph. This changes, changes, widens and shrinks according to our inner state and this is how it happens when discovering new rooms or secrets. In this case it is a sign of a new knowledge of some aspects of ourselves, perhaps previously ignored and repressed, or of which we had no perception.

But in the dream house it can also occur unstable , trembling, floating. When this dream does not follow the trauma of having experienced an earthquake or similar calamity, then it is a reflection of our inner instability, or feelings that prevail over rationality, destabilizing us.

see dream
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In the dream of one’s own house, even the dimensions count, and depending on whether the rooms are smaller or larger than the real one, we are faced, in the first case, with modesty or a sense of inferiority, while in the second we are faced with megalomania or overvaluation of oneself.

Similar to this last interpretation is dreaming of one’s own flight home , which is close to our great inspirations.

The past is normally presented in two ways. Dreaming of our own house in focus represents our desire to cut the bridge with what was; to dream of him infested with ghosts is instead the transposition of the deleted memories that resurface. Dreaming of a stolen house has something to do with someone who we fear is taking advantage of us.

Dreaming of houses: Lotus numbers

If we spend the night dreaming of our house , then we can decide to play draws of Lot number 59 .

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