Dreaming about a nun and its meaning

A figure par excellence that immediately refers to the thought of ascetic , contemplative life and completely dedicated to Christ, the nun in dreams is a quite frequent and very interesting element that often confuses the dreamer once he has awakened from such a dream experience.

Far from the glories of worldly life, from fun understood in its most playful sense and, more generally, totally separated from some earthly pleasures such as conjugal love, dreaming of a nun can be a message that the unconscious is sending us to that we can pay more attention to some aspects of their lives hitherto underestimated and neglected.

So let’s better understand what it means to dream of a nun, what interpretation to attribute to that image and what numbers to bet if you want to try your luck with the Lotto game.

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What is lucid dreaming according to science?

Dreaming of a nun: what does it mean if this dream is made by a woman?

Those who report having dreamed of a nun are in most cases female . In this case, especially if it is about young or very young women, seeing a nun in a dream could indicate that the dreamer is living a phase of her life in which she has totally or partially renounced her sensuality and probably to her sexuality.

The nun would then appear as a metaphor for the rigid and conformist Superiority that forces the subject to a life without pleasure, without the desire to transgress and dare.

Often women who live this dream experience one or more times are the easy target of overly jealous men or of a family education that has always rewarded their neutral or even androgynous appearance to prevent being a woman from being configured as one more possibility of « sin”.

When dreaming of a nun shows positive aspects

However, dreaming of a nun does not always have to alert the dreamer. If the subject who lives this dream experience knows well that she is not limited in her sexual and sentimental life nor is she poor in fun and sensuality, the dream of a nun may want to highlight qualities inherent to the dreamer’s personality such as extreme generosity , kindness of mind and purity. In some cases, dreaming of a nun could indicate an urgent need to embark on a spiritual path and a faith that enriches her own interiority.

Dreaming of a nun: the color of her clothes

In the dream, as we all know, there are many elements that we must pay attention to in order to obtain an interpretation that is as specific and relevant as possible to the real experience of the dreamer.

Among these elements, when it is possible to remember, colors play a decisive role. If in a dream the nun appears totally dressed in black , the first hypothesis linked to this dream will probably prevail, which is the possibility that the dreamer is experiencing a period of great repression of his instincts and his desire to have fun.

The white color of the garments, on the other hand, points to the second interpretative hypothesis proposed, emphasizing characteristics such as purity of mind and kindness of the dreamer. If, finally, the dream nun’s dress is gray, it is very likely that the dreamer will face a moment of apathy and sadness and, therefore, feel the need for a renewal that stimulates him to have Dreaming of a nun and numbers in the Lot

For those who want to try their luck playing Lottery numbers related to this type of dream, according to Kabbalah, dreaming of a nun is usually associated with the number 63 . If the nun walks, the betting statement will be 31 while a praying nun is associated with the number 88 . For those who finally dream of being a nun , the number to play will become 49 .

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