Meaning of dreaming about Ablution

To dream that you perform ablutions with clean water indicates that you will reach your goal and that your financial problems will be solved.

  • To see that you let an unfinished ablution be performed in your dream implies that time is needed to reach your goal.
  • To dream that you cannot perform ablution means that you will lose one of your valuable things and soon you will find that thing from an unexpected place.
  • To see of performing prayer after performing ablution in your dream means that you will overcome all negative and bad financial problems. You will be financially relaxed.
  • To dream that any other person performs ablutions means that you will pay off your debt and reach a state of comfort and harmony.
  • To dream that a sick person performs an ablution implies that you will get a divorce. However, after this situation, the obstacles in front of you will destroy and you will be more successful. If you are single, you will distance yourself from your friends because of your work.
  • To see of performing hot water ablutions in your dream indicates that money will be spent due to health problems and the person having health problems will overcome the illness.
  • To see of performing cold water ablutions in your dream denotes that you will get away from troubles and poverty.
  • To dream that you perform ablutions in a mosque means that your friends talk about you, but these conversations are favorable.

To see the water cut off while performing ablution in your dream indicates that your achievements in your job or school will increase and everyone will put you first.

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