The meaning of dreaming about abortion

The meaning of dreaming about abortion

The gestation of a baby is a stage that involves a great combination of emotions, all of them very different. For some women it is one of the best moments of their life and for others a terrible nightmare. Because of this, it is possible to dream of abortion , whether or not you are pregnant. Precisely because of all the feelings generated by just thinking about this situation and all its consequences, both positive and negative.

Dreams with abortion in general can be experienced by men and women. They may not experience this in real life, but their partners or close people definitely do. That is why it is possible that you have these visions and that they in turn contain a message. So it doesn’t matter who sees it, but what they want to say.

Generally dreaming of abortion symbolizes the end of something, a certain situation or a specific project. In fact, you have to pay close attention to each of the details of the dream, since they manage to tell you how everything is going to end. It is an important dream since you may not be waiting for something in particular to conclude, so you must be prepared.

Dreaming of your own abortion already carries a much more specific and relevant interpretation. It can also occur in men and women, although it is impossible in real life for gentlemen. In this case, it is said that there will be significant economic losses, so you have to be very careful.

dream of abortion

Dreams with abortions can also be very varied, but every detail is of great importance. That is why you have to memorize and discover their messages, even the most hidden. Many of them will be negative and others may surprise you.

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Dream about miscarriage or spontaneous abortion

miscarriage is a situation that is usually very sad for those who experience it and those around them. For this reason, these types of dreams symbolize that the dreamer’s self-esteem is very low. The person does not trust himself, he does not see her beauty and her virtues, so her emotions are on the ground. It is essential that you change this situation as soon as possible, as it is not healthy for your very being.

What does it mean to dream of abortion while pregnant?

When you are pregnant, the dream of abortion can be quite common. It can even happen that you have these dreams and it is your partner who is carrying the baby. This is actually a reflection of the fears that they feel inside about losing something so important. Although there may also be other interpretations to pay attention to.

Dreaming of an abortion while pregnant is a symbol of the anguish and stress that the dreamer has. He is worrying greatly about bringing a healthy and happy baby, who lacks nothing. For this reason, the subconscious reflects in this way everything that the organism feels from within, both physically and emotionally. It is important to calm down about it and not fill yourself with negative thoughts or unnecessary worries.

Dream about abortion while pregnant

Dream of abortion and blood. Meaning

Dreaming of abortion and blood is a sign that the dreamer is afraid of giving life in general. This means that she is worried about getting pregnant or, if she is already pregnant, about giving birth. It is a completely valid insecurity in any human being, since it is not a simple task. What you have to understand is that the body is prepared for this type of natural challenge and therefore there is nothing to fear about it.

Dream about miscarriage of twins

On the other hand , dreaming of an abortion of twins means that there is great confusion within you regarding two facets of your life. You do not know which is the right path to choose, even though both are to your liking. So it is important to think about it and not be influenced by third parties. The path you take will always be the best, so put your worries aside.

Dream about a friend’s abortion

Dreams where you see a friend’s abortion are interpreted as your own fear of the problems of others. This means that the dreamer is worried about getting involved in difficult situations that were not originally theirs. They are close scenarios, but at the end of the day they should not include it. So you have to stay on the sidelines as much as possible, avoiding coming out without there being a need for it.

dream of wanting to abort

Dreaming of wanting an abortion reveals a great frustration of the dreamer, which is trapped inside. It may be that recently your projects or goals have not gone as expected and that is why you feel this way. It is a really difficult situation, especially if you have worked hard to get what you want. The best thing is to put this feeling aside, take some time to rest and with a fresh mind return to the fight for what you want.

Dream about abortion of a cousin

Dreams about the abortion of a cousin , or any other relative, mean that this person has a problem. In this particular case, the dreamer does not know how to help that being who asks for her help and that is why she has these visions. It does not have to be a strong situation, it is simply not measuring any possibility that will help you get ahead. So if what you really want is to help, then you have to fully bear in mind the scenario and try to solve the problem at all costs.

Dream about abortion and see the fetus

Finally dreaming of abortion and seeing the fetus is really a bad omen. These images predict the approach of our own problems of great magnitude. They will be difficult to face alone, so the dreamer may need help. So do not be afraid to ask for it and get out of any inconvenience as soon as possible.

Dream about abortion and see the fetus

Dreaming of abortion is mostly a symbol of bad omen, so you have to prepare for what lies ahead. The important thing is to know how to act in any negative or unexpected situation. It is not about running away from problems, but more about facing them when necessary. In the same way, if it can be avoided, much better and in this way the well-being of one’s own being is maintained.

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