Meaning of dreaming about Africans

Dream of an African indicates that you are curious about other cultures, countries and languages. You always want to explore different places and new cultures. Dream of an African symbolizes your desire to travel the earth and your love for the people of this planet.

Dream about an African woman

The dream of an African woman indicates that your worldly life will come to an end and you will have an exciting and happy life. You will forget your problems and experience what you never had.

Dream of Africa

Dream of Africa indicates that you will feel excited by an invitation that puts you in an important situation. You will have a hard time waiting for it and when the time comes, you will be delighted to attend this event.

Dream of an African Violet

The dream of an African violet indicates that you will do a risky business and some suspicious characters will steal your money. You will face the threat of losing all your savings and assets. You should not trust people you have recently met.

Dream about a black person

There are two interpretations for the dream of the black person. Some say it indicates that you will become demoralized from the loss of success in your business life.

Other interpreters say that you will find peace and happiness after receiving good news.

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