Meaning of dreaming about alms

Seeing alms in a dream can indicate that you will get rid of your problems, you will achieve peace, except for doubts.

Giving alms in your dream means that you will relax by noticing that your doubts are false about a matter that you have doubts.

If the person you give alms to becomes very happy and replies with prayers and favors, this dream tells you that you have a trusted friend whom you will not doubt. If the person you give alms to seems unpleasant to you and shows unfavorable behavior towards you, you will learn a quality from the person you have been with for a long time.

To dream that you give alms to an artist, a person of good reputation or a statesman indicates that you will pay taxes by the state due to your property that you are going to buy.

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Dreaming with eyes and its meaning

If you give alms to a woman, you are wrong about a person to whom you have doubts. If you give alms to a man, you will learn that a person you think is poor has a lot of property. If you give it to a young child, your childhood dream will come true.

Alms given to an old man in your dream means that if you are homeless, you will buy a property and get rid of the rent. If you already have a house, you will have a new property and achieve a regular income.

Seeing alms as cash in your dream indicates that you will get rid of your doubts about a matter that disturbs you. If you see alms as coins, you will make people relax because you reveal the issue that everyone is nervous about.

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Dreaming of Witches… what does it mean?

Seeing of taking alms in your dream can indicate that you will understand that a person whom you exaggerate in your eyes is not better than you. Your self-confidence will improve.

Seeing the alms box in your dream symbolizes that you will receive valuable financial support from a person whom you favored and get rid of your money problems.

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