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meaning of dreaming about ants

I want to know the meaning of dreaming about ants , because it intrigues me a lot.

Dreams with ants are normal and common because they are insects that are almost everywhere in the world, with the exception of cold areas and the poles, since they do not like the cold at all. If you lie down for a long time on the ground, you will begin to realize that your hands, feet, head… ants begin to climb without stopping.

These animals evolved from ancestors similar to the wasp and always surround us wherever we are, that is why it is normal to dream of ants , although many times we do not pay attention to them because unlike bees that fly, ants are on the ground, in the ground and not at eye level.

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In any place it is easy for us to find an anthill, and for example if we look and pour sugar on the ground, we will see how they work organized and in a totally disciplined way,  making their own paths towards the food and then back to their pantry.

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They are present in almost the entire globe except Antarctica and are grouped in colonies made up of queens, worker ants and males. Their main characteristic is that they are specialized and organized in such a way that they all do their work with total dedication . In dreams we can see them as insects that strive in silence and work hard, but also the fact that they are in constant movement means that they almost always cause us discomfort.

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  • 1 The meaning of dreaming of ants is usually positive
    • 1.1 Dreams with worker ants
    • 1.2 Dreams with ants on our body
    • 1.3 Meaning of dreaming of ants entering our body
  • 2 Other interpretations of dreaming about ants



So, for example, if we dream of ants working endlessly, we can interpret them as a reflection of the dreamer’s attitude before a project . A reaction to a purpose to which he wants to dedicate himself without caring about fatigue, and where he is clear that he is going to do his best. We could define it as “we want to get there, that is what we want and we are going to get it no matter what it takes”

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If during the dream, the ants appear on the body and in constant movement, it represents the development of a plan or a desire ; we are talking about a constant tingling that will become a great success and that will be completed in the future, but that is already inside us wanting to be implemented. The first steps of the projects must be slow but sure, because that is when we have the greatest risk of making mistakes.


When ants are around the body of a human being, but instead of moving on our skin, they enter through holes even causing tickling, we are facing a dream that represents a prediction of happiness and triumph . We smile at an imminent achievement that will produce a state of fulfillment and satisfaction. Something good is going to happen!


If, on the other hand, we dream that we are stepping on or crushing ants, this dream will have a negative symbology implying the proximity of economic problems or needs. By crushing them they die as our money dies or disappears. As we said before, ants represent plans, objectives… and by stepping on them we are making the chances of success disappear in all aspects, such as financial ones.

circumstances the anteater represents a position in the dream. It is difficult for us to dream of him, but if so, it could be seen in the context of an extravagant and abnormal figure, the dreamer being someone open to peculiar and unusual situations during his life.

Dreaming of ants, like all dreams, has to be reviewed and analyzed in relation to the rest of the elements that appear during the dream.

So if, for example, if we dream of ants that move food (bread, seeds…) they personify the maternal figure that feeds us and takes us into consideration . Somehow our parents take care of us like an ant that works and feeds its companions; and so we are protected and well fed.

If the fantasy appears with red ants, we are denoting in our minds a person who has recently appeared in our lives, and whom we see as a stranger and alien, whom we still distrust. If, for example, we are in a group, and we feel that someone belonging to us does not transmit good vibes, we must be cautious and not trust too much. That person is represented in the red ant , which may not do anything to us but may also sting us

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