Dreaming about Arguments: Interpretation and Meaning

To dream that you are arguing with people in general indicates that you are resolving some inner conflict and unresolved issues in waking life. These issues tend to be more emotional and baseless. These questions reflect ideas and opinions that these people represent. The professions exercised by these people may also have deeper meanings.

Pay attention to your own emotions, context, and plot elements to get better ideas of how the dream should be interpreted.

Dream of arguing with familiar people

A simple heated argument in dreams, reflects your anger and rebelliousness towards someone in waking life. Perhaps you disagree with the way they have acted or said in waking life, but you are afraid to confront them in waking life, or you are unconsciously rehearsing the different potential scenarios of arguments.

Dream that you listen to other people’s arguments

To dream that you overhear other people’s arguments outside or on the street, indicates that there are unresolved feelings and negotiations to be found in waking life. The dream world is hinting to you that you should take note of these events and interactions. It is a warning that you should not go into these discussions without being mentally prepared. You may be drawn into other people’s affairs and their emotional exchanges.

Dream of an argument with the mother or father

An argument with the deceased mother, father or parents is a sign that you have strong inner conflicts against your upbringing and the family values ​​taught by them. Maybe you want to try something new and non-traditional, but you’re worried about what your elders think of you.

An argument with the best friend points to some kind of relationship struggles that you will soon experience with those close to you.

Dream of an argument with a stranger

To argue in a dream with a random stranger indicates that you will have a strong opinion on a certain issue. However, this question does not really mean much. Perhaps you are expressing your opinions and arguing for the sake of discussion.

Dream about arguing with an ex

Dreaming that you are arguing with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is a reflection of your trust and security issues. Perhaps you have encountered certain similar problems that have reminded you of your past relationship, and your subconscious is processing the events. Perhaps you are more emotional than you would like, and those feelings of negativity from the past are impacting your current or future intimacies.

Dream that you are arguing with your husband or girlfriend

To dream that you are arguing with your husband or girlfriend indicates that you feel restless in waking life and cannot make a decision. You are torn between the desires and the sacrifices you have to make in marriage. Certain decisions will have to be made about what is expected of you and what you really want from life.

Dream that you argue with your brother or sister

Dreaming that you argue with your brother or sister is a reflection that you do not like the ideas of another person. However, your comments or ideas may have been made for the best of you. But the dream suggests that they don’t know the big picture of why you have done certain things, even if you look a lot like the people in your social circle, you will still have your differences.

Dream of discussions behind closed doors

Listening to discussions behind closed doors or by the wall represents issues that are not being openly discussed or known. If the discussions involve you, it suggests that some important information or decision has been withheld from you.

You feel ignored and your ideas are insignificant to achieve real changes. If the arguments don’t involve you personally, it’s a sign for you to pay more attention to the relationship of others, major changes could happen in your family and organization if you know where to look for the signs.

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