Dreaming about Armory

Dreaming about Armory: To dream that you are in an armory is a good omen and usually indicates that you will receive honors or that pleasant events will occur in the very near future.

As we see ancient weapons , so will the quality of honors.

The dreams where we find ourselves in an armory must be interpreted from the feelings generated in it. The weapons that attract our attention the most in the dream should also be taken into account when performing the interpretation.

If the emotions generated in the dream are pleasant and security indicates we have firm convictions, our temperament and determination will lead us to consolidate our projects. If, on the contrary, the emotions were anxious or unpleasant, it implies that we frequently feel intimidated by our superiors, which shows us as submissive and influential people.

If the weapons that attract our attention in the dream are fire and long-range, it indicates that we have clear ideas, and we must work hard to consolidate our projects.

In case they were firearms, but short-range, such as pistols or revolvers, it implies that we prefer not to think much about the future, and we live one day at a time. This dream can reflect the lack of a project in our life, as well as it is an invitation to evaluate our behavior.

Dreaming in an armory usually reflects our desire to improve and climb social positions.

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