Meaning of dreaming about your aunt

o see your aunt in your dream represents that you will meet people who will intervene in your life and you will be more effective in their lives gradually.

Alternatively, it also refers to new friendships.

To dream that your aunt is smiling at you or showing affection may indicate that you will get a job through someone you know.

Dreaming that your aunt dies implies that you will learn the secret of a person whom you see as your friend and you feel strange about her.

Seeing that your aunt is getting married in your dream can suggest that a person in your family is getting sick.

Dreaming that your aunt is angry with you can mean that you are going to get sick in bed. If you see that your aunt is angry or hits in your dream, this dream means that you will not get over the disease that you will catch easily.

  • Seeing that your aunt gets divorced in your dream can indicate that you will get along very well with your friend again and take a gift whose material value is high from this person.
  • To see that your aunt has a baby in your dream suggests that you will change schools or jobs. These changes will repeat as the number of their children.
  • Dreaming that you have intimate relations with your aunt can indicate that you are going to lose money.
  • To see your aunt appearing at your home in your dream may denote that a guest who will come from a faraway place will lead to unrest within the family.

Dreaming that your aunt laughs out loud can symbolize a lot of money that will be obtained in bad ways.

To see that your aunt is going on a trip in your dream means that you will marry a person that you meet through your friend.

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Dreaming that you kiss your aunt’s hand can indicate that your marriage will destroy, your job that you have financial expectations will end as bad.

To see that your aunt is praying in your dream means that you will repeat your mistake in the near future.

Dreaming that you are eating with your aunt can represent that you are going to quit a person or job that you started with enthusiasm. If the food is eaten at the table, this dream denotes that you will be upset at the end of this decision. If the food is eaten off the ground, then this decision will make you happy.

Seeing that your aunt is sleeping in your dream can represent that your neighbor will die.

Seeing your aunt as a famous person in your dreams refers to loneliness, illness. If your aunt does not recognize you in your dream, she symbolizes death.

To dream that your aunt smokes, uses alcohol indicates that a person who is from your family will contract an illness.

Seeing that your aunt is crying in your dream can represent that you will be hurt by a person you just met. You will lose the people around you because of this person.

To dream that your aunt is cleaning can indicate that you are going to do business with a person you are going to meet or that you are going to have a trip with that person.

In an expanded view of the concept of family, uncles are certainly rightly among the closest parental figures , with whom we often share most of our childhood memories.

Times are changing, and with them also our concept of family, understood as a domestic home where we can relax spiritually and be ourselves; Only a few decades ago, especially in the less industrialized areas of our country, the term family had a greater collective value than today, where uncles played a decisive role in the growth of newcomers.

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The family represents, generally for the most fortunate, the place where the structuring of the ethical and moral values ​​of the individual takes place, a comfortable and reassuring meeting place where each relative is able to contribute to mutual emotional growth and development, and the Guys certainly can’t escape this definition.

Dreaming of uncles is therefore an oneiric explanation of family values ​​introduced into our consciousness, and of the teachings that constitute our moral foundations.

Family in Dreams

The representatives of the family nucleus and relatives in general, are part of the large group of the most frequent dreamlike appearances, regardless of the cultural or social region to which they belong; they are the most tangible universal symbols of our codes of conduct and represent an emotional extension of them ; In fact, dreaming of uncles is a kind of psychic automatism, which consists of using the closest, closest and most recognized family figures, to bring out in the dreamer latent emotions and feelings that also ensure memory itself during sleep.

Relatives, and uncles in particular, are capable of having a profound effect on the life of a human being and on their own cognitive development, leaving elements in the past of each of us that can always be found in current cases as well. .

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Here the guys are presented as the actors of an unconscious preparatory theater to the representation of our most typical emotions, to give them the necessary ventilation and the correct representation; It is clear, therefore, that the scenic emotion is also a direct consequence of the relationship that we ourselves have created with these figures.

The most typical emotions that guys carry in their dreams are those of melancholy/nostalgia ; in fact, it is generally during the first years of childhood when we have more to do with them, dreaming of them could indicate a certain nostalgia for those times, and the latent meaning would correspond to needs such as protection, help, difficulty in finding one’s own space and autonomy.

The love theme is also fundamental; the uncle has the male archetype , but less marked than that of the father, which means that values ​​such as law, obedience, hierarchy or order are weakened in the soul of the dreamer.

The aunt obviously belongs to the category , on the other handof the weakened female archetype , concepts such as attachment, protection, emotionality are far from the spiritual condition of the dreamer.

In essence, they are always there to remind us of our belonging code of conduct and the peripheral aspects of our character that have been created since childhood but can last into full maturity.

A more pragmatic view suggests that the appearance of the uncles in a dream would refer to a recent meeting with a foreign person, who took on the dreamer’s attitudes, tonal modes of voice, or gestures that reminded him of the familiar behavior of the uncles , and all this would have caused an association of ideas that lasted until sleep.

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Such elements would have been considered missing at that time, and the dream image would have been there to point out such a need for warmth, affection and complicity that is suddenly found in a foreign individual.

It is still of fundamental importance, in the interpretive calculation, to take into account the feelings and moods that go through the dream during the vision and associate them with the type of relationship that one has with these figures.

DECEASED aunts and uncles

Death, as we have often pointed out, would be a warning of sudden change, the end and death of some elements as a prelude to the new; in this case you are likely to find, in the dreamer’s life, a sudden change in her attitudes towards members of her close family due to needs of various kinds.


It is the most typical expression to imply considerable pacification with your own internal emotional disagreements ; the uncles, emblems of family values, with their smiles express the dreamer’s personal satisfaction in respecting their own rules of internal behavior.


In this case, on the contrary, the internal ethical dispute has taken an opposite turn; the different vicissitudes of life have forced the dreamer to question their own value system , perhaps due to personal growth or maturation, so the dispute would express money moving away from them.


Kabbalah and the grimace attribute two different numbers depending on the gender of the relative: 5 for the aunt, 12 for the uncle.

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