Meaning of dreaming about Autumn

To see autumn in your dream refers to an unhappy and psychologically depressed life and also means the death of an old or sick person who is now at the end of his life, that the happiness of life will decrease and one will not enjoy it as before. .

Autumn brings with it hopes that will eventually lead to events that will be the end of hopes, there will be things that will not be restored to their original form due to loss, and there will be people around you whose marriages will become awkward and the possibility of a divorce will increase.

It means that this process is going to be very hard for both the person and their loved ones and that they must be very strong to survive this period, to persevere and to wait patiently.

How To See Autumn Rains In Your Dream

It is a sign of sudden changes in the living conditions of the person and there may be some incidents that can put a smile on his face. It has been reported that people who have long-term job problems will feel relieved, that their income will increase over time, and that this change will last for a long time and that fertility will never decrease.

If autumn rains are seen in the middle of summer, the person will experience tension for a short period of time due to sudden mishaps or say that someone will witness the death of one of their relatives.

If one sees autumn rains as in the middle of winter, it means the loss of hope. The expectation of bad days will come out of the once beautiful development of the days and the party.

How to see the arrival of autumn in your dream

If a person sees the sudden change of seasons and the sudden arrival of autumn in his dream and if he sees that the leaves are fallen, and if it is not really the season of autumn, the person who had this dream may receive the news of the fall. death of a loved one.

Seeing that the arrival of autumn in the fall season shows that everything in your life will be in the right place at the right time and that you will achieve your goals in an easy way and without any problems and with the patience that is required in any matter.

Psychological interpretation of seeing autumn in your dream

It is the expression of fear, disturbance and fear of the unknown for older people who think they have reached the end of their lives and live because of their approach to death.

It also reflects the desperate moods of those who have suffered a loss or suffered great discomfort.

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