Meaning of Dreaming about Avalanche | 8 best dreams about avalanches

Have you ever dreamed of an avalanche? In your dream, an avalanche represents the accumulation of emotions that finally collapses under its own weight. You have been holding back feelings that will eventually explode into a violent confrontation. Later we will review some of the most frequent dream scenarios and their interpretation.

Dream of evacuating from an avalanche

Evacuating from a planned avalanche is a sign that you are preparing to unload most of your work and pressure. Perhaps you have noticed the mounting pressure and the flaws in your plans. You are dealing first before the situation gets out of hand.

Dream of accidentally causing an avalanche

Accidentally triggering an avalanche through noise or other actions predicts that you will accidentally trigger an emotional episode from someone who has been under tremendous pressure. Be careful what you say and how you act, be more sensitive to people who may be under stress. You’ll have a better chance of avoiding an emotional breakdown from your distracted comments.

Dream of surviving an avalanche

Surviving an avalanche in the dream is a sign that you will face a sudden storm and change against your reputation and emotion. Certain events will happen that will cause extreme changes to your slopes and your environment. You will have to stay calm and think fast, in order to get through this period of emotional turbulence. People will never think of you like they used to. The dream foretells that you will cover up any weaknesses and hide all traces of your past.

Dream of being trapped in an avalanche

Being trapped under an avalanche symbolizes inescapable stress and overwhelming pressures. You are feeling the weight of the daily demands of life, and the emotional burdens of the past heaped on you. You will have to take care of yourself, to have a better chance of being rescued and of being noticed by others.

Intentionally causing an avalanche indicates that you have noticed serious problems in the accumulation of your relationships and emotional problems. You will find ways to ease some difficult emotions by setting up controlled interventions to release those overwhelming feelings. Doing so can help you regain control over your relationship in real life, so you don’t cause unforeseen damage if you let things take their course.

Dream of witnessing an avalanche from a distance

Seeing an avalanche happening from afar, foretells that you will observe strange arguments and fights over a situation that you cannot control. Don’t feel personally responsible for what happened, as you probably had little to do with it.

Dream about a rock avalanche

Experiencing a rock avalanche indicates someone you trust as an authority figure, such as your boss or work organization. It may suffer from some foundation problems and mass movements. This unlikely move is usually caused by an earthquake, as your entire life can be changed and even permanently destroyed. Try to prepare for the unlikely bankruptcy and fall of major players, in order to protect yourself from the coming change.

Dream of a snow avalanche

An avalanche of snow in the dream points to the power of frozen emotions. You might think you could mentally handle the pressure, but there’s not much you can take. Trying to hold negative emotions together for a long period of time could only lead to disaster, as new ones begin to fall.

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