Dreaming about Beetles and their Meaning

If you dream of a generic and normal beetle, and it follows you or crawls on your important things, then this usually shows that there is something influencing your life with destructive means.

Normally dreaming of these insects implies that they are an external source that is working against our best will and judgment to make them fail and fall into ruin.

However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be an external source, it can also be yourself.

There are many ways you can ruin a good thing for yourself and I’m sure you’re aware of most of them, as most people probably are.

It’s not that hard to ruin something yourself if you drink too much or get too greedy… Alcohol is one of the most life-ruining.

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If you have been overreacting or overdoing it in other areas of your life, a dream about a beetle could be an indication that it is time to relax and calm down with your overindulgence.

Also making decisions that you know are bad and will negatively affect you is another thing that could cause you to see adverse effects in your life. Try to make better decisions and maybe you won’t dream about beetles.

If you dream of a beetle specialized in helping decompose rotting animals, then know that this is also a sign that there is something wrong in your life.

This shows that some part of you, it could be your artistic bent, it could be your finances, but something is going down.

The beetle doesn’t just show up when it’s hungry, it’s usually there to help destroy something that’s already rotting.

But it’s not too late to collect what you need and save it from being touched by the beetle. Try your best to get everything out of harm’s way so you don’t lose anything important to you.

Now would be a good time to take stock of your life and try to figure out what part of you has been lacking lately.

This is probably the part of you that is most in danger of being lost or atrophied.

If you dream of a scarab beetle or dung beetle, then the opposite of the above is true.

It means that there is something going particularly well in your life. Although the dung beetle plays with the droppings of other animals, it is known to turn this droppings into a usable resource for itself and all of its friends and associates.

The scarab has also been a symbol of wealth, fortune, and good luck for a long time.

Even though beetles may seem dangerous, they can be a positive symbol for you in general.

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