Dreaming about being Afraid: Meaning and Interpretation

Did you dream of being afraid? Fright and fear is a strong emotion in the dream. It is closer to feelings of anger and misunderstanding. Pay attention to the type of objects and themes in your scary dreams where you feel scared. Items and objects can be a reflection of your fears of waking life. However, we will go over some of the more common generic performance themes related to fear and dread.

Meanings of being afraid

dream of being afraid

To dream that you are afraid due to lighting or sound in the dream, indicates that you are experiencing environmental anxieties in various aspects of your life. There are certain unknown factors that you do not understand, they are hidden in the back of your mind. In this case, you feel uncomfortable about things that you cannot easily see

Dream about being afraid of your safety and well-being

Dreaming of being afraid of your safety or well-being, such as being burned by fire, can be a warning that you may get into certain bad situations that could be dangerous to your health. You may not realize it right away. But your subconscious is showing warning signs and trying to show you the risk. Your mind is playing worst case scenarios and performing mental exercises 

Dream About What You’re Afraid

Dream about being afraid of someone or an animal

To see yourself being afraid of someone or animals, such as dogs or cats, points to your love-hate relationship with others. Their actions are out of your control and that makes you feel incompetent and useless.

Dream about the fear of missing an opportunity

To dream that you feel scared about missing out on certain opportunities, such as investing in bitcoin cryptocurrencies, is a sign of dissatisfaction with your waking life. You compare yourself to other people’s achievements and feel left out and cheated.

Dream of overcoming fear

To overcome and face your fear in the dream, it foretells that you will adapt to certain changes and obstacles and accomplish amazing feats. You will take certain actions to address long-term weaknesses and doubts. The dream portends that you will achieve things that you never thought were possible.

Dream without fear or without fear

To dream that you have no fears or that you are scared at all in the dream, while the dream features certain scary scenarios, suggests that the difficulties or problems you are facing in waking life will be only temporary. You may feel worried and scared about certain things that are happening. But the dream predicts that there is nothing to worry about. Go ahead with your plans and the fear will soon pass. Everything will be less scary when you start looking back.

Dream with real fears

Dream in fear that the dream will come true

When the dream presents something that you fear will come true, it means your resistance and fear of change. Trends are happening that make you feel uncomfortable and fearful. However, in waking life there is little you can do to prevent the changes.

Dream of reliving recurring moments of fear 

To dream of past times and events where you feel afraid, indicates that you are afraid that your achievement will not be as successful. You are doubting and questioning whether you have made the right decisions in the past. Perhaps you anticipate that similar tasks could happen again. And your psyche is questioning your own readiness for the challenge.

Dream about different types of fears

Dream about scary pranks 

To dream of frightening pranks made by others, point to some kind of intentional deterrence. Someone is trying to persuade you towards a certain direction and action. They are scaring you into actions that will benefit them. Be aware of unnecessary life or travel insurance sales tactics that trap you.

dream of jumping in fear

To dream of someone jumping in fear against you, points to misfortune and unpleasant surprises. Certain scary surprises like dark secrets or hidden affairs will be revealed.

Dream about a sudden unfounded fear

To dream that you suddenly feel scared and fearful, reflects the anxieties of your waking life. Perhaps you feel that your routine and status quo are at risk. The dream foretells that you will suffer from your lack of control. It will be difficult for you to calm down and regain your balance and tranquility.

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