Dreaming about Being Hungry

Dreaming about Being Hungry: Dreaming of appetite can mean the departure of close relatives or close friends .

If you have a bad appetite in the dream, it indicates setbacks and problems, while if you have a good appetite, it is a sign of good energy and good energy.

Usually this type of dreams manifest the desire to live and the enthusiasm to face the new projects that we want to undertake.

If in the dream we have a good appetite and at a certain moment we can satisfy it, it will be an unequivocal sign of success and prosperity at a professional level, however, if in the dream our appetite is not satiated, it is probably a sign of disagreement in our life due to lack of dedication and dedication.

Dreaming about Being Hungry: Dreaming that we do not have a good appetite portends setbacks and obstacles in the projects you have in mind, which can lead to health problems.

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