Dreaming about being persecuted, robbed, murdered and its meaning

Dreaming of being persecuted, robbed or killed belongs to that great category of dreams that sooner or later we all have, to the point that they are considered among the most common and frequent.

Depending on how the situation begins, progresses and ends, the dream takes on a different connotation, and therefore reaches as many interpretations as possible, not always and not necessarily because of meaning and darkness and negative.

Dreaming of being persecuted: meaning and interpretation

Frequent in childhood, the dream of being chased often represents our “demons” that we do not want to be caught.

When the escape is connected to a state of pure anxiety, anguish or terror, then the interpretation that must be given to the act of running can be traced back to unpleasant situations or emotions that we do not want to face on a daily basis, from which we fear reactions or consequences, or that we fear will not make us feel good.

But another state of mind related to the dream of being chased is also frequent, when fear is added to a kind of attraction towards the figure behind us, we feel close, we try to eliminate it without success, or rather slow down the race so that we get caught

Often these types of dreams end with capture by the pursuer.

It is a very important signal that our brain sends us: we are running away from something that we should be facing, and it is time to stop. Our unconscious expresses the need to take the situation head-on, to reach a solution.

Dreaming of being robbed: what does that mean?

Dreaming of being robbed lends itself to multiple interpretations depending on the context. Normally, dreaming of someone stealing something that belongs to us is directly related to our possessions, our image or our powers.

When the robbery takes place in a public context, this is essential to understand what exactly the dream refers to.

In real life we ​​may have suffered an illness that has led us to lose a material object, that has publicly tarnished our reputation or that has made us lose the power of decision, prestige, consideration.

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When the context becomes private , and perhaps the setting is nocturnal, the dream of being robbed is often linked to unsatisfied sexual urges; furthermore, the interpretation becomes valid when the thief is armed with knives, pistols or other weapons that recall phallic symbols.

Dreaming of being killed: how to interpret it

The act of dreaming of being murdered , contrary to what one might think, does not necessarily have a negative connotation. Often death in a dream is synonymous with the desire or need for change , as if to constitute a kind of rite of passage where the old “me” must give way to the new, where life imposes a change more or less accepted by ourselves. .

In this case, during the dream activity we can feel strong physical pain , which can be interpreted as fear of accepting the new advance, or even the desire not to.

In other cases, the dream of being killed is accompanied by an almost serenity to face the situation, as if it were about welcoming the change that we are about to face.

Dreaming of being persecuted, robbed, killed: numbers to play the lottery

The number to play in the Lottery when we dream of being chased is 61 , while for theft we can generically play 46. Again, when we dream of being robbed and we can see – and remember – the stolen object, we can play the number 13 to the theft of a purse, bag or similar, 77 for the theft of the wallet and 46 for larger and more voluminous objects, such as the car. When we dream of death we can play with the number 21 

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