Dreaming about being raped / raped and its meaning

Although purely dreamlike, it is an image that trembles emotionally, leaving a big question mark when waking up about the possible traumatic reasons behind it, as well as fear and anguish.

Dreaming of being raped , despite what you may think, is anything but rare: it can indicate a sexual abuse that you have unfortunately really suffered , carrying an infinite burden of pain, mixed with guilt.

But most of the time it is a vision of a situation in which the dreamer has been a “victim” of some humiliation , and therefore wounded in his deepest being, in his self-esteem.

In other cases it may indicate a situation where you feel stuck and unable to defend yourself .

Even in this second order of casuistry – when dreaming of being raped is not related to any sexual violence that has actually occurred – it is necessary to bring to light the feelings experienced during sleep and when waking up.

In fact, they are absolutely important and indispensable, they are an indication of “allowing oneself to be invaded” by the dreamer and that he cannot “block” the power of others, and this for the most disparate reasons, such as education, courtesy or the victimization.

Dreaming of being raped: the most common images and numbers to play

We have just seen how dreaming of being raped is a very delicate image, which reveals a baggage of emotions that must be carefully analyzed, and highly destabilizing for the dreamer, even when it is not connected to a real abuse suffered.

These are dream scenarios that obviously must be considered on a case-by-case basis, also taking into account the experience of the dreamer. But often they hide a fear related to a given situation: the dreamer will have to ask himself and «discover» if this fear is the cause of hesitation, of «blocking», and try to react, not to submit to the negative story that it involves him. Below we consider the most frequent images about the dream of being raped .

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Dreaming of being raped/raped by the father is a vision that is not necessarily linked to violence suffered in the past.

On the contrary, since the figure of the father in the collective imagination is a severe and authoritarian figure, the violence in the dream highlights precisely this aspect. This reading becomes even more popular if the father-daughter relationship is not optimal, perhaps in adolescence, a period of disagreement and difficulties in communicating with her parents: here is the resentment towards her father that turns into a dream with sexual violence , and the fear of being reproached and of not being able to act as one wants, combined with the need to submit to the will of others, takes the form of a true nightmare, that of violence.

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Dreaming of being raped by the father, but also by the brother, friend or colleague , must therefore be an invitation to the dreamer to wonder about the relationships that bind him to these figures, about the contrasts with the figures in course or, on the contrary, about the excessive «domination» that these figures exercise over his will.

This can be seen, for example, also in the presence of a love relationship in which the partner, too jealous and possessive, exercises a kind of control, of power, over his own wife.

Other times it is possible to dream of being raped by a stranger , by a person outside the usual circle of people or even by several men or women .

The interpretation of these images is usually linked to a way of thinking of the dreamer, not based on positivity and proposition, but on a kind of closure to the outside world, a cause of discomfort and discomfort.

The number to play in the lot, related to dreaming of being raped , is number 42 .

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