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Dreaming about Cats – What does it mean

Dreaming of our cat friends can be something adorable, but nevertheless, the great variety of cats and the actions that are carried out during sleep interfere with the interpretation of the dream.

Just like the black cat is associated with bad luck, dreaming of cats has always symbolized success and good luck in general, personally and professionally, as long as the cat is healthy, everything will be great in our lives.

Whether they are black, white, big, small, dirty cats , among other things, they all have a different interpretation, either positive or negative.

This type of dream is usually related to the presence of a female figure and the sensuality they possess.

Meaning of dreaming about cats, all their meanings

In general aspects, it should be mentioned that these felines represent good luck and reflect your thoughts, the spiritual level of people, wisdom, intuition and the image of ourselves in our social environment.

Small or newborn cats

They are interpreted as the feeling of attachment and of wanting to protect our children or fragile people.

It also has a link with the care of our feminine area.

Dreaming of sick or dirty cats

It is usually interpreted by the suffering of a distant relative or by the prompt reception of negative news from a close friend who lives far away.

I dream of a cat that attacks me or bites me

If a cat attacks you, it is because you are afraid of an event or person, and if cats are very aggressive, surely this fear has to do with a family problem.

In general, it is interpreted as the fear or stress that you have in your life and the prompt aggression of your enemies.

If in the dream, the cat dominates you, it means that you should try a little harder to overcome the obstacles that you may find along the way, if, on the contrary, you manage to free yourself from the cat, they bring positive sensations in your life.

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The important thing about the dream is how it ends, because it clarifies whether or not you are overcoming the problem that worries you.

Dream of dead cats

If the dead cats are not your fault, it is because you have little confidence in yourself and you do not feel independent, and if the cat drowned you feel stress, shortness of breath and anguish.

When dead and live cats are mixed it symbolizes an internal struggle, but if you see blood it represents that what you fear losing is of vital importance to you, perhaps someone you love.

Dream of injured cats

When cats are injured in the dream it is always a bad omen, because their wounds are usually a reflection of your internal wounds, a bad feeling is smelled in the air.

Dreaming of killing cats

The interpretation usually varies depending on the context, in the event that you kill this feline because it was attacking you, it means that above all conflicts, you will be able to overcome them successfully.

Nightmares or dreams with many cats

If in your dreams there are many clean, healthy and happy cats, it is usually interpreted as good luck and success in all aspects of your life.

If in dreams, cats seem to be running desperately, it means that you are lost where you are and that you must stop to assess the possible alternatives when it comes to resolving a conflict.

dreaming of baby cats

Dreams with kittens usually refer to the maternal instinct that you carry inside, sometimes they occur when you are expecting a child, but not necessarily, as a harbinger of the joy of waiting for the newborn.

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cat puppy symbolizes innocence and the desire we feel to be loved by those we care about and love and, therefore, if kittens meow asking for attention, it is because we are like that, we demand love from others and we are dependent people.

Dream of small cats

If we dream of a small cat (because it is a puppy) it is because we have a project in hand that we hope will be successful, just the opposite if the cat is completely adult but small in size, which brings out our insecurities and fears.

Dream about black cats

It is interpreted as the presence of suffering or fear that you have but that you cannot recognize for yourself.

It refers to concealment or denial in different situations in life, that you know can happen but that you do not accept.

It is also usually related to the distrust you have in yourself that limits you to believe in yourself and in the development of your skills to face problems.

dreaming of white cats

These felines are the most tender and adorable by people, it is usually linked to the illusions or desires that we possess.

If you have a negative feeling when you dream of a white cat, it may mean that you will soon have minor problems that you will be able to face but that will waste your energy.

If in the dream you caress a cat

It is usually interpreted with the presence of love in our lives.

If you feel good when you caress the cat, it is because there is a person close to you that strongly attracts you, so it is usually related to sexual connotations .

In the world of dream interpretation , the cat contains in itself a different symbolism, both in a negative and positive sense; In addition, to interpret the dream correctly it is important to know the dreamer’s relationship with this animal , to know if he is a cat lover or not.

If it is not, the dream will have a negative connotation.

By its nature, the cat is a cunning, mysterious, distrustful animal and looks at everyone with relative indifference; However, he is not selfish because he manages to give a lot of love to whoever he wants and when he wants.

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The cat in a dream can take different meanings and among many it can symbolize:

  • cheated;
  • malice since the cat is seen as an intelligent animal, capable of mocking;
  • mystery;
  • Intuition as a lover of the night the cat is seen as a means of contact with the world of the unconscious.

Seeing it in a dream can be a call from within us, it often appears in a dream to women to awaken their feminine instinct now absorbed by a society now only masculine, independence as it is a symbol of self-sufficiency, in fact the cat loves to be alone, seduction, sensuality as she is sinuous in her movements, she loves contact, she likes to be caressed, attracting attention by purring.

It is an expression of the very mysterious and elegant figure of the woman to which the concept of femininity is associated, for Freud the cat in a dream represents female sexuality perceived as dangerous for man.


Among ancient peoples it was very common to interpret the dream of a cat, for example:

  • to the Babylonians dreaming of catching a cat symbolized that every dream would come true;
  • for the Egyptians dreaming of giving birth was a great offspring and abundant harvests;
  • for Artemidorus dreaming of a cat was a symbol of adultery;
  • For Apomasaris, dreaming of being scratched by a cat indicated the arrival of a serious illness;
  • For Muslims, the cat is a very important animal because legend says that the cat owned by the prophet Mohammed bowed in exchange for a kindness received, the prophet then decided that the animal should have a place in paradise and have from seven to nine lives;
  • For the Chinese , the cat protects and rewards the owner who has treated him well in the afterlife;
  • for Christians , things are different, they hated cats because they attributed the ideas of cunning, deception, betrayal to burn these poor animals on the night of San Juan de las Quemaduras.
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  • Dreaming of a black cat can symbolize that there will soon be unwanted and unwanted changes in your life or that you will suffer a betrayal for your beloved donation.
  • Dreaming of a white cat can include several meanings, related to the mental state of the dreamer; it can foreshadow that you will face sudden problems and that your life will experience a phase of anxiety and confusion, and that you may also be betrayed by a person you thought was a trusted friend. But it can also indicate positive sentimental or affective changes and be related to the purity and sincerity of the dreamer or a person very close to him.
  • Dreaming of a talking cat may indicate that our unconscious skiing is sending a message, so try to remember what the cat’s words were.
  • Dreaming of a pretty cat can indicate good luck and good news.
  • Dreaming of many cats can indicate the expansion of the meaning of what the cat represents, for example a great desire for affection.
  • Dreaming of a cat giving birth can indicate the release of impulses that could lead to wrong actions.
  • Dreaming of kittens can symbolize a strong bond with younger members of the family.

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