meaning of dreaming about celebrities

The meaning of dreaming about celebrities has no limits and there are countless different dreams. We can dream with animals, with materials, with elements, with people… and within dreams with people we can dream of celebrities or well-known people.

It is more normal for dreams with celebrities to be in adolescence, because that is when we idolize these characters the most, although they are not ruled out in other stages of life.

Who else and who least has ever dreamed of someone known or famous. A singer, an actor, an athlete or someone relevant within the national or international scene. It is usually a recurring dream sometimes, because if you talk to people there is always someone who tells you that “last night I dreamed of such a person”. That is why in today’s post we want to mention this phenomenon of the meaning of dreaming about celebrities.

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  • 1 What does it mean to dream of famous people?
  • 2 Types of dreams with celebrities
    • 2.1 Dream of fame
    • 2.2 Dreaming of famous politicians
    • 2.3 Dreaming of famous singers
    • 2.4 Meaning of dreaming of famous artists
    • 2.5 Dream that we are at a concert with celebrities
  • 3 Why do I dream of celebrities?


We can dream of many celebrities: politicians , actors, singers, athletes… Dreaming of celebrities can have a wide range of meanings, but among the most common are those that are related to the desire to have recognition at work or personal level . For example, that one feels undervalued in their work, or that they do not feel appreciated or loved enough in their closest environment can be reasons for us to have these types of dreams.

The fact of dreaming about celebrities has the characteristic of  wanting or wishing for something  strongly, and that wish has not yet come true. A desire to possess or obtain a precious object or person that is capable of taking away our sleep or making us dream about it insistently. If in this dream we see or notice that the famous person treats us with contempt, it is that there is something in our personal life that is not going as well as it should and it is a wake-up call to take into account.

But since everything cannot be negative notes, dreaming of celebrities and that, at a given moment of the dream, they talk to us, means that we have  very high self-esteem and that we can achieve what we set out to do or what projects we already have in mind. March have a happy ending. We are talking about dreamers who are very confident in what they do, which affects the success of projects, because the more we believe in something, the more likely we are to achieve itTYPES OF DREAMS WITH CELEBRITIES


Dreaming that we are known and people greet us on the street, represents the desire for recognition. We consider ourselves special and we want people to love us and value our situation to the point that they ask us for autographs on the street. It symbolizes, at specific moments , little self-esteem, little self-esteem and little self-confidence.


These types of dreams are evident, they manifest the deep desires and desire for power of the dreamer. It is also related to the arrogance of the dreamer. They are usually very haughty and proud people who think only of themselves and go over others.


We are facing dreams related to creation, because we are facing a creative phase of developing projects and new ideas that, well-founded or not, we want to see developed and recognized by others. We are inspired and it costs us very little to elaborate or imagine new goals.


In general, we are facing an outstanding manifestation of the feeling of envy in the dreamer. We long for and desire something that we have seen and that is why we want it to be ours. It can be something material or even some person with whom we have fallen in love.


We want to be observed for our physical qualities, because we attach great importance to aesthetics and the body itself . We are convinced that we are very handsome and we dress in fashion and that is why we want others to recognize us and idolize us. We feel above others, and this dream represents that the dreamer does not have his feet on the ground, because when he dreams that he is together with famous people who are observed, he is very far from reality and gives him a lot of value that they are not. so important.


Being looking forward to a movie premiere, or that we have bought tickets to go to the concert of our favorite singer can also be the reason that our unconscious creates those images and sensations in our mind and with it we dream of those fictional characters. .

Another of the frequent dreams with known or relevant people is to imagine that we have a love relationship with them. This has a meaning that we must put our feet on the ground and stop deluding ourselves with something that is not within our reach, at least for now. Or there would also be the other aspect, that in our partner they no longer offer us that feeling from the beginning of the relationship and we yearn for the lost passion .

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