Dreaming about the chest and its meaning

Mother, daughter, sister, wife, lover, the breast is a symbol capable of concentrating within the feminine aspect in its entirety and in its entirety .

Its biological functionality, in fact, connects the two ends of a circle, making them fit peacefully within it: maternal protection and coitus .

The quintessential feminine attribute, the chest, its measurements and characteristics, are capable of being the spokesperson for the entire personal history of a woman; the youthful turgidity and elasticity, the fullness and fullness of maturity, the relaxation and reserve of old age.

Their roundness, in addition to directing all the attention of the male gender towards them, suggests goodness, beauty, grace, fertility and abundance.

Mother and Eros merge into a spectacular and almost scandalous web of meanings that only our well-civilized society can conceptually separate perfectly. The oneiric efficacy of the breast is one of the most predominant, awakening in the individual child as well as fully adult emotions.


As has already been said, the breast, at the level of the dream image, is capable of merging two completely different aspects of the female component; Trying to understand the best interpretation of this image also depends, and above all, on the emotional component that is awakened in the dreamer during the dream manifestation.

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The purely maternal aspect can only connect the dreamer with all the feminine components that characterize his life, the image is so universal for the history of man that it is complex to connect it with an event or life experience in particular.

Generally, leaving aside the erotic component, it represents the direct connection with the beginning of life and its continuation ; the breast, after the uterine stay, is the one that guarantees the survival of the newborn after birth, it is the first aesthetic element (understood in an etymological sense, therefore as a perception) with which the child comes into contact with the outside world, and it is no accident that the first phase of their development is called the oral phase .

The mouth is the first instrument through which the unborn child “tastes” life, and from which it derives sexual arousal; In this way it is clear that the psycho-sexual development of each one of us is born from the chest, as well as from our own vital subsistence.

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In the chest we owe our first relationship with the world, dreaming means going back emotionally to those ancient and primordial sensations , our first real exploration of life; the image would thus reveal the need for the dreamer to return to that wonderful feeling of maternal protection , where we lack nothing and feel perfectly accepted by the world with love.

Breast, mother, earth, life, this is the analogical path suggested by the image, and all these elements are representatives of a deep sense of love and attachment to life.

The erotic aspect cannot be lacking absolutely , which, in most cases, especially according to Freudian ethics, is the absolute glue of our dream associations and the indelible basis of our charging energy; the enormous erotic symbolism caused by this feminine component is well known, but perhaps not everyone knows why.

Starting from the assumption of the upright position, it seems that men have begun to practice intercourse in a totally different way, practicing the usual lying position and leaving out posterior penetration, which has led to a more direct visual relationship with the breasts , and thus make of them, by form and interest, a substitute for the buttocks.

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His sexual history thus seems subordinate to the above interpretation; In any case, a well-made breast is capable of awakening the reproductive instinct in men, but it can also indicate, always in men, a latent instinct of regression, which in turn would reflect a failure to overcome the Oedipus complex . the need to find physical and spiritual nourishment, or simply to find balance and harmony with life and its aspirations.

The physical characteristics of the breast itself play an essential role in the hermeneutic computation, particularly its roundness and fullness;

  • Large, firm, perky and particularly evident breasts are clear symbols of abundance, wealth and prosperity, it is linked to obvious positive situations such as the realization of your aspirations or successful businesses.
  • A soft, relaxed and frank dream , on the other hand, would be a warning of sadness, lack of affection and resources.
  • A particularly small breast , instead, immature and immature, would indicate the hope of a radiant and exuberant future, the flourishing of new activities and life projects.


In this case there is greater precision, and the dream acquires a less generic and vague meaning; the maternal component is here totalitarian and the dreamer is expressing the need to be nurtured and sustained. Milk is a symbol of not only physical energy, its leakage from the breasts could also indicate an excessive expenditure of energy on the part of the dreamer, his too much devotion to other people’s activities, thus being deprived of sustenance for himself.

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The symbol has a close and powerful relationship with the dreamer’s feelings, which are hurt, in fact, and then their internal resources diminish, even so it could refer to aspects of their sexual personality that are discarded or not taken into account , broken emotional ties , perhaps intricate relationships with their children or relatives.


In this case, we are witnessing a dream message that wants us to remember that our virile component is progressively taking on its feminine opposite , covering it with its aspirations; alludes to an enhancement of a dreamer’s intrinsic qualities or perhaps an excessive burden of responsibilities, especially family responsibilities.


The breast can only have one pair of numbers for kabbalah and grimace: 28 – 56 

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