Dreaming about Clowns, knows its meaning

Maybe you saw a scary movie, and the murderer was dressed as a clown, and that’s why you dreamed of clowns… but maybe that’s not the case, and you need to find out the reason for this dream.

In general, its symbolism is quite diverse and contradictory: The dream interpretation with clowns is believed to represent the cheerful disposition, optimism and wisdom of the dreamer himself.

Another interpretation of the dream book says that to see yourself in a dream in a clown costume means that reckless acts and excessive carelessness will lead to very sad consequences one day.


Psychological meaning of dreaming about clowns

A clown’s dream mocks the absurdity of our claim. He is a trickster figure that psychologists identify as a symbol of the earliest and rudimentary stage of the hero myth’s development, in which the hero is instinctive, uninhibited, and often childish.

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A skittish clown may indicate that he is afraid of being made fun of and may feel threatened by negative comments from people in real life.

The evil clown in a dream is a harbinger of trouble in reality:

  1. First, the clown symbolizes a two-faced person who is trusted. But very soon, a kind and reliable friend can turn into a maniacal movie clown and killer.
  2. Second, a fearsome and evil clown is a clear indication of the hard work that you will soon have to do.
  3. However, the dream book does not advise you to worry. An evil mask often hides the good times under it; and as soon as you cope with the task, you will be rewarded and have a break.
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If you dreamed of a scary clown, but just had fun, it means that you face any twist of fate with a smile and patience.

Dream interpretation considers such a dream to be an indicator of inner freedom and success.

  • It’s also a good sign not to be scared of an evil clown.
  • You can easily face any problem and complete triumph is just around the corner.
  • If you were wildly scared, it means that there are fears that live in your soul.

Did you dream that you had a clown costume and felt ridiculous? Soon you will find yourself involved in a dubious company, which will end very badly.

Mystical meaning of dreams with clowns

The Fool on the Tarot cards, who becomes the joker on the ordinary playing cards, represents the unconscious side of the personality with all its potential for transformation.

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  • A clown can represent the absurd.
  • Clowns can reveal the childish side of your personality and childlike behavior in real life.
  • Perhaps the clown represents his own feelings? He Is he doing nonsense in real life?
  • If the clown is happy or crying, it may indicate that you are being silly in your daily life, but internally you are sad.
  • A clown is uninhibited. Could the clown be showing your desire to be carefree in your behavior and less restrained?
  • Clowns can display insincerity and inconsiderateness.
  • If the clown is scary, this can reveal fears you have about seemingly cheerful people who may want to harm you.
  • It can show that people may not be what they seem.
  • This symbol may be about pretending. Are you being true to yourself or maybe someone else is not being true to their nature?

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