Dreaming about Cousins ​​and its Meaning

is actually the nucleus in which each of us grows and receives his training, introducing those values ​​that will later “accompany” us for the rest of our lives.

Although it is difficult to admit, family “conditions”, for better or worse, deeply affect the human being.

This explains why dreaming about family is so important and often causes disturbance and worry.

In reality, the dreamer’s psyche implements a kind of automatism, ” exploiting ” the closest people to bring out feelings and emotions.

But what does it mean to dream of cousins?

What value do they have? Do they really represent what they really are, or do they hide a symbolism? The mother or the father, the sister or the brother, but also the relatives: they all have their own determined “place” in the dream visions.

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In this dream-with.info article we will discover what it means to dream about cousins .

Dreaming of cousins: what it means

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, dream visions in which family members are the protagonists represent characters created by the unconscious to leave a mark on the dreamer’s memory and lead him to reflection.

They can highlight the need to receive affection or to repent of the moments that characterized childhood, in which we felt hugged and cared for; they can also, on the contrary, be spies of intolerance towards these links, which gives rise to an unresolved situation (for example, jealousy or old grudges).

In this case, dreaming of cousins ​​could “show” the dreamer the sense of missing that particular cousin or cousin, or recall past emotions, especially if the cousin or cousin who appeared in the dream is far away or married.

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But you can also suggest a pending account , which has not yet found a solution.

All this means that through these dream visions the dreamer still processes open feelings or conflicts , or receives indications to experience a different way of acting in cases where he feels a sense of discomfort.

This is a modality that the unconscious has designed to induce the dreamer to put order in their contrasting situations, which arose precisely through the images of relatives and relatives.

Next we will analyze some specific images related to dreaming about cousins.

Dreaming of cousins: the various interpretations

Let us now analyze some specific cases related to dreaming about cousins , interpreting the different ” situations ” in which they appear.

First of all, it must be said that family members and relatives in dreams can be the symbol of what the dreamer is not used to granting himself in reality.

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Thus, when a dreamer has such a dream image, and is in daily life absorbed by commitments and responsibilities, her dream cousin (as well as her sister or aunt) represents an aspect of character or a role in society that she cannot afford. the luxury of manifesting

For example, the desire to live one’s own femininity in a more open and free way , or not to fear the approval of others, or even dedicate more time to one’s own needs.

The same goes for men: the physical and behavioral characteristics attributed to dreams compensate for the gaps in the dreamer’s life, their frustrations and misdirected energies.

Another image related to dreaming about cousins ​​is about a dead cousin or a dead cousin , and it means the difficulty of accepting what happened, or in any case the disappearance that results from the absence of the dreamed relative.

Conversely, if the cousin or cousin is alive , the dream may represent anxiety to a relative in distress or in poor health.

pregnant cousin , finally, must be linked to a new and incipient life project for this person. This, in the dreamer, would translate into a fear of being overlooked , no longer receiving the attention of an age.

Primes and lottery numbers

In the previous paragraphs we have seen the different interpretations related to dreams that have cousins ​​as protagonists…. Very recurring images, which find their correspondence in the lottery game.

The numbers are 50 for prime(s) and 21 for prime(s) respectively.

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