Meaning of dreaming about Eclipse

What does it mean to dream of an Eclipse: this symbol in a dream is unmistakable and easily recognizable. Seeing this natural phenomenon in a dream predicts setbacks or temporary obstacles that will not last in a dreamer’s life for a long time.

Despite the apparent simplicity of interpretation, the eclipse in a dream cannot be unequivocally interpreted.

Dream Interpretation of Eclipses

Dreaming of a solar eclipse is not as bad as it seems. The interpretation of a dream, according to the Nostradamus dream book, is as follows: during this period, difficulties have arisen in your life that will pass very soon, taking all troubles with them.

Watch an eclipse with a smoked glass

Looking through a dark piece of glass as the shadow slowly creeps across the sun‘s disk – little sadness will actually appear, but if you watch the light gradually release itself from the shadow (happiness and joy are ” knocking at your door”).

A storm during an eclipse

If you dream that you have witnessed how a storm arose during a solar eclipse: a strong gusty wind arose and began to uproot trees – a sign that you will have to go through great problems that will start your new successful life, the book of Vanga’s dreams promise.

The lunar eclipse seen in the dark of the night in a dream symbolizes that in reality sadness and desolation await you, without anything justifying it.

lunar eclipse

If you dreamed that you were watching a lunar eclipse in the early morning, when the moon has almost gone from the sky – you have to bear the disappointment of a loved one who does not justify your trust, Miller’s dreambook prophesies.

Eclipse that never seems to end

A dream in which the shadow of the earth covered the lunar circle and stopped, not rushing to leave it, so be prepared for the fact that you will have a difficult period of failures and troubles in your life that will bring you tears and sadness.

sand storm blocking the sun

If you dreamed that a sandstorm caught you in the desert, that you covered the sun with it – take a close look at your health in the coming days. Chances of catching some kind of cold are high, warns the Women’s Dreambook.

man-made eclipse

To dream of an eclipse, caused by some kind of man-made disaster – beware of accidents on the road, watch the traffic both as a driver and as a pedestrian.

If you dream that you have witnessed how the northern lights filled the entire sky, covering the moon with it – in reality, your sight will disturb you.

Partial Eclipse Dream

A dream in which you have witnessed an incomplete, and only partial eclipse, when the shadow passes along the left or right edge of the disk – a financial truce awaits you, everything will be smooth and without any special outbursts.

Viewing the darkening of the top edge of the disk (to great benefit). Maybe you get a bonus, a raise, or win money in the lottery or on a bet.

Partial darkening of the lower edge of the sun or moon – to bankruptcy, waste and unsuccessful transactions. You should not carry out any operation related to money in this period.

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