Dreaming about eyes and its meaning

The symbology linked to the eyes has always referred to the depth of the soul , to the greatness of the omnipotence of a superior being but also to the sense of intrusion that can arise from the insistence of two eyes that scrutinize us nonstop.

Within dreams, the wide range of meanings linked to the eyes can bring with it different symbols through which the unconscious tries in some way to communicate something important to the dreamer.

So let’s try to understand what are the interpretations to be attributed to the dream of the eyes and what numbers to use to try your luck in the Lottery .

Meaning of the Eyes and their color in dreams

Depending on the color of the eyes that appear in a dream, they can be loaded with totally different dream meanings.

  • If we dream, for example, with our eyes of a different color from the real one , this may mean that we need to take a new point of view regarding a subject treated so far in the wrong way.
  • Dreaming of completely white eyes , that is, with the iris completely turned inward, instead indicates the need for introspection, to “look inward” to listen more carefully to one’s own conscience.
  • When you dream of eyes of two different colors , the color on the left will have to do with past issues while the one on the right will have to do with what concerns the future.
  • Dreaming with red eyes , finally, indicates anger, if it is blue, on the other hand, good news while black indicates aggression of the dreamer but also pain due to an absence.
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Other interpretations of dreaming with eyes

In addition to color, dreaming of the eyes can bring with it many other images, sometimes even strong ones and through which the unconscious tries to awaken the dreamer’s consciousness.

  • If, for example, you dream of crying or tearing eyes, this will mean possible depression and sadness.
  • If blood comes out of the eyes and not just tears, this must be an important warning to the dreamer that could indicate an even deeper pain in the soul that you have been facing for too long in silence.
  • If the dreamer sees eyes swollen with pus at the dream moment , this will necessarily remind the subject of the need to get rid of something harmful that is bothering him and that deprives him of his natural balance.
  • Dreaming of a hollow eye or another scar indicates a lack of lucidity and power. If in a dream it is another figure that attracts the dreamer’s attention, this figure represents a person who intends to weaken him.
  • If, on the other handthe dreamer himself hurts his eyes , this means that the dreamer is trying to punish himself or to avoid seeing painful things for which he needs outside help.
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Dreams about the eyes of others

When the dreamer is disturbed by the presence of other eyes that seem to be watching him insistently, this may mean that at that particular moment in his life the dreamer feels constantly judged and scrutinized by anyone who finds his way.

Another type of external subject that the dreamer can find in his dreams related to the eyes is, for example, an insect that bothers him and prevents him from seeing well or a splinter or other sharp object that causes him pain.

In this case, all these possibilities indicate negative thoughts that have been floating in the dreamer’s mind for too long and that are darkening his life, making him forget what his goals are.

Lucky numbers and lottery when we dream of eyes

If you have dreamed of eyes and want to try your luck playing the lottery, here are the numbers to bet on.

  1. The dream of the eyes is generally linked to the number 16.
  2. However, if the eyes look at us insistently, the number to play will be 17, while in the case of the dreamer who sees sick eyes, the number to bet is 2.
  3. For closed eyes, however, it corresponds to the number 72, while in the case of open eyes, the number to play is 79.

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