Dreaming about getting lost and its meaning

Whether in the middle of a crowd, on a deserted street or in your dreams, getting lost, getting lost or confusing the traces of your passage within a place , so that origin and direction cannot be reconstructed, is an experience full of meaning and above all imbued with enormous anxiety.

The feeling of literally groping in a space that we do not know, without a path already traced in our memory, generates a true inner confusion in our psyche; the loss of each space-time coordinate results in a whirlpool that looks very much like a real instability of the body compared to other surrounding objects.

In fact, a place never seen, known or explored, appears before us like a huge canvas in which symbols that we do not know are represented, that we do not know how to interpret and then read, so that loss becomes a source of anxiety. and discomfort.

This experience, in the dream world, is often associated with a nightmare and the level of emotional involvement is so high that the dreamer is almost always led to wake up in the middle of the night and try to comfort himself by examining in detail the place where it’s found.


Scito te ipsum , so says one of the oldest maxims that our Western history has tried to convey to us since the 7th century BC; the warning is clear, we must try to know ourselves as much as possible to dominate ourselves, your route, your choices, to be able to decide our destiny, taking full advantage of all the great privileges, as well as the enormous responsibilities that derive from our free will. .

And the same maxim is translated into an image, during sleep, through dreamlike confusion; getting lost and finding yourself in the middle of an unknown place , during a dream, is equivalent to being lost during daytime, or at least to the inability to master the chaotic magmatic matter of the outside and real world.

It is as if the dreamer perceives reality as something hopelessly pluralistic, without its own internal logic, without a red thread to follow, capable of connecting its extremities, if it has them.

More specifically, this dream image can be considered as the metaphor of a real condition in which the dreamer perceives himself as an individual adrift , fearfully carried by the course of events, without a specific goal to pursue, or without the latter being clear, or without the appropriate tools to pursue it.

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In addition, all this can denote a certain level of disorganization in the dreamer’s life, disorder of a psychic or objective type, difficulty in implementing appropriate strategies of action and response to external impulses; getting lost in places of our dreams puts us in direct contact with the areas of human experience with respect to which we feel lost, or that we have not sufficiently explored: emotions, feelings, abstract reasoning, concrete experiences.

It is good to take into account, therefore, the existential period in which the dream traveler finds himself living; in fact, those who dream of getting lost in a very precise place, which appears with absolute mastery of details, must dwell in them to understand the most intimate secrets.

Often they are also individuals characterized by the fear of losing control over themselves, or with great difficulty in letting go of specific situations or events; It is the type of dream that one would expect from a person in the midst of an existential crisis, who is experiencing an internal loss, of her values ​​or certainties.

It is also and above all the type of dream/incubation that affects those who suffer from real disorders that have to do with paranoia, panic attacks or agoraphobia.

We can, however, rightly inscribe this type of dream in the category marked Compensation Dreams ; These are true strategic mechanisms set in motion by the unconscious, whose objective is to put the dreamer in contact with a dream substitute for the chaotic elements of life and the real world, to get him used to it, fictitiously recreating almost a kind of dream gym, of continuous exercise of life.

Dreaming of getting lost in…

Regardless of the oneiric place where you get lost, the basic meaning remains substantially the same, with minimal and very personal nuances , which must still fit into our hermeneutic computation:

  • Dreaming of getting lost in a city , specifically, marks the loss of your biographical and existential reference points;
  • Dreaming of getting lost in a forest , on the other hand, marks an ancestral fear in the dreamer, that of the unknown and the dark;
  • Dreaming of getting lost in the crowd can have a double value: it is a dreamer who is afraid of exposing the image of himself in public, or its specular variant, that is, a dreamer who wants to be noticed by others at all costs;
  • Dreaming of getting lost in a hospital or clinic , finally, is a warning to keep stress and our psychological condition under control.

Kabbalah, lottery, numerology and smorphia

The numerology that mark the image of getting lost are: 37-62-21 . Getting lost in the woods, in the woods: 47 . Getting lost in the city 51 . Getting lost in the hospital: 5 . Getting lost in the crowd 48.

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