Dreaming about gypsies and meaning

The world of dreams is vast and infinite, each element that appears to us has its own meaning. Among the most common recurring dreams is the figure of gypsies .

Under various aspects and situations, what will the appearance of a gypsy in a dream mean?

Giving a detailed explanation can be difficult, but in this article we will try to give an interpretation of what our subconscious tries to tell us about these figures that could represent facets of our way of being and living .

who are the gypsies

The Roma are a nomadic population, which has very particular characteristics both in lifestyle and customs. Known since time immemorial as fortune tellers , they enclose an aura of mystery and curiosity around their tribes.

Their nomadic tribes do not follow the social norms of the country in which they live and for this reason they are feared and mistrusted by the people who know them and who in most cases associate them with theft, violence and subterfuge.

Despite these stereotypes, the Roma have a rigid honor code , based on freedom and independence in following their instincts.

These are all images that could be related to what appeared in the dream with a very specific meaning.


What we dream represents most of the time the way we live our daily lives and our relationships.

Dreaming of a gypsy can represent a feeling of fear, fear of being deceitful, or more deeply, if you analyze the psyche, the figure of the gypsy can be the deepest sense of a feeling of confusion in your life, especially if you are faced with choices. important.

The gypsy, if he is dreamed of by an upright and responsible person, will reflect all the unknown aspects for him such as risk, adventure, the desire to get out of the schemes and not submit to continuous rules.

If these feelings are repressed in reality, in dreams they will take free rein, giving space to what is missing in their lives.


  • The gypsy reading the palm: it can represent uncertainties about the future, and if you can understand the words spoken by the fortune teller, we can predict an event, it is as if we received a message from our unconscious about a problem that affects us.
  • Being chased by a gypsy : it is a symbol of confusion from which one tries to escape and if one can escape and sow the gypsy it is the positive sign that the period in which one does not live has been resolved.
  • Being robbed by gypsies : in this case the dreamer feels deprived of his freedom because of someone, he feels forced to do something he does not like.
  • Gypsy groups : instead they indicate the inner chaos of the dreamer, the search for security and the fear of novelty.
  • Love story with a gypsy : Dreaming of being in love with a Roma and embarking on a love story with him contains the sad meaning for those who are married, of an unhappy marriage.
  • Having a gypsy as a lover : among the most complex representations we find this dream that should mean the dubious loyalty of your partner
  • Listen to gypsy music : gypsies, by culture, are very good musicians, especially with the accordion or the violin; dreaming of seeing one or a group playing or listening to gypsy music can mean creative qualities that you have abandoned and that you would like to recover in your life.

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