Dreaming about hair and its meaning

If it happened to you to dream of hair , of having had a dream where the hair or hair had a relevant importance, the interpretation is quite true and precise. In fact, in the form of hair on the body, on the face, of animal fleece (perhaps you have dreamed of stroking the soft fur of a dog or a cat ) it indicates the most primordial, elemental and fertile aspects of our nature.

Some analyzes relate it to masculine vigor, but this is only one of the possible aspects and in general it is a reading spoiled by social conventions, which, unfortunately for them, in dreams tend to disintegrate rather than assert themselves, that is to say , to not even appear.

No; the key to dreamy hair is, first of all, as has been said, a strong physical condition, carnality, primordiality ; in a broader sense, therefore, they can be presented as a symbolic vehicle for our deepest instincts.

Only secondarily, and only in some cases, is this related to virile strength.

For example, dreaming of gently caressing a cushion of soft fur is anything but masculine, it is a maternal suggestion , even intrauterine , if the sweetness experienced is of exceptional intensity. Let us remember that the primordiality in our psyche is associated with the infantile condition, which in turn finds a parallel in the dawn of humanity, both conditions in which sexuality is quite promiscuous and free from the conditioning role of the so-called civilization.

In simple terms, man and woman are rather vague and distant concepts both in the mind of the child and in that of primitive man, which are the regions affected by our dream about hair .

In any case, given that social conditioning has a very strong imprint on the functioning of our mental mechanisms, in some cases, which I would define as more “superficial” dreams, aspects linked to the conventional roles of masculinity-femininity may also be present. . That said, we try to list a series of possible cases and guide their meaning.

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Dream with a single hair

Maybe something is bothering him , especially when the hair is in the bite that he is about to swallow.

Dreaming of body hair

In these cases, it is necessary to contextualize the element with the others present in the dream, and as always, the fundamental thing is to examine the reaction that one has towards what happens.

  • Chest hair. They relate to the concept of basic values ​​in ourselves, which we can confirm or question with a feeling of discomfort. A woman is likely to have a feeling of discomfort dreaming of her chest covered with hair; but the same can happen to a man, and vice versa.
  • Hair in the face. Similar, but with a more identity-based meaning. On the forehead, relationship with one’s own rational intelligence. Beard, banally, lived life experiences. “Crazy” hairs, annoying elements of yourself.
  • Hair in the armpits. Animality, elemental sexual instincts, perhaps needing less rationality.
  • Hair on the backGeneral insecurity and helplessness, even when done with pride. Pride is a mask for that insecurity.
  • Hair on the legs. Balanced relationship with your instincts. For men and women who have a cult of waxing, it could indicate a contrast to that balance.
  • Pubic hair. A rich sensuality and a desire for recognition and satisfaction.
  • Hair in abnormal areas of the body. Associate the general meaning of the hairs with that of the body part in question, as in the case of “forehead hairs.”
  • lose hair Fatigue and weakness.
  • Shaved / waxed. Balance control over one’s instincts; sometimes the release of something (eg, shaving hair, beard).
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Dreaming of animal hair

It can be a pleasure or an annoyance. Petting an animal that particularly enjoys contact with its hair has to do with the usual association between the hair and the dreamlike symbolism of the animal in question .

In the case of a lion , for example, the desire to resemble him, to do that hair, to wear his clothes is implicit.

The house invaded by the hair of an animal (generally a cat or a dog ) indicates dissatisfaction, impotence, frustration, in the domestic/family/work environment.

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