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However, there are those who wonder what dreams reveal with hugs , as these can include people to whom we have time without seeing them. Be that as it may, here we will explain a little about these types of dreams that you have probably had on more than one occasion.

What does it mean to dream that they hug you?

Hugs are gestures that are part of our life, in many cases they come from people we love and who feel great relief and security when they hug us. If you dream of someone hugging you, this may indicate that that individual lives you showing affection and affection.

But dreams with hugs could also mean that someone wants to show you their affection, even if they are not with you. Perhaps you have a relative away from you and for various reasons, you have not been able to see him in a long time. So it is normal for him to appear in one of your dreams offering you a warm and strong hug.

On the other handdreaming of being hugged is a good reason to realize that you are needing this type of affection in your personal life. If you are going through a very hard time, you probably want a hug from a close friend or your partner.

And if it is the meaning of dreaming of a dead relative hugging you that interests you, this may happen to you because you miss that relative who has passed away a lot. The subconscious can remind you of your family member through dreams of this type.

What does it mean to dream of hugging someone?

Have you dreamed of hugging a person? These are frequent dreams and can have different meanings. On the one hand, it means that you feel a deep interest and affection for someone, perhaps for your partner, a family member, or a childhood friend.

Usually it is about a very special person, for example, your mother. It is very rare that you dream that you hug someone you do not know, although you can dream of characters from your favorite series. The dreamlike experience of dreaming of hugging someone may help you examine your interior. Surely you should value your loved ones more, or you realize that a show of affection such as a hug can strengthen your ties with that person.

Really, dreaming that you hug someone means that there is a great need to show affection. Sometimes the subconscious can transform a thought or feeling into dreams that can come true. If you have dreamed of hugging your partner, you are probably going through a relationship problem and you find yourself upset.

So these dreams, instead of generating distrust, fear and insecurity, can allow you to recognize the importance of showing love to yours.

On the other hand, if your mother lives alone and away from you, it is likely that you spend time at some point of the day to think a little about her, and how to help her. This can be another reason to have a dream with her in which you hug her and show her your solidarity. In fact, if you know that she is having a bad time but you cannot be with her, the subconscious will reflect the best way to feel close, dreamed that you hug her.

What is the meaning of dreaming that someone hugs you tight?

The dreams of hugs can also have different interpretations, it all depends on who you are embracing. For example, if he is a relative, this means that you should be a little more interested in showing affection through strong hugs.

When you have these dreams very often, it is because a family member is crying out for you to hug him tight to feel relief and tranquility. And if your concern is to dream that a dead person hugs you , do not panic or feel fear, this may indicate that in the past you received many hugs from that person. Or on the contrary, that he should have shown you that affection.

As you have already seen, dreaming of a hug can have various interpretations, but in general they are the most appropriate to teach you a lesson: the need to show affection and affection .

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