Dreaming about in-laws and its meaning

Among the many images that can be the protagonists of our dreams we can find the figures of the in-laws and the interpretation of the dream can be twofold : or see in them a point of reference , almost a second family to trust in the absence of a unit familiar and stable or see in them an obstacle that could result in problems in your relationship.

The figure of the father-in-law has a different value , almost less, than the figure of the mother-in-law ; in a dream he can appear as a kind of substitute for the father.

The mother-in-law, on the other hand, is seen as a kind of antagonist, especially if it is a woman who dreams of her, and therefore the dream takes up the clashes and divergences that are experienced in real life; it may happen that even a man can dream of his mother-in-law and almost always associate with his wife, especially the characteristics of his wife, which are common to them, seen mainly from a negative point of view.

Meaning of dreaming with in-laws

Dream in-laws are more or less obvious problems or setbacks that you experience in real life in your relationships and in your family.

These figures, according to the meaning of dreams , are seen and experienced by the dreamer as a kind of judge, precisely because they embody the people whose judgment we fear ; therefore the in-laws symbolize our more or less obvious internal conflicts that are experienced with discomfort, fear and anger.

Dreaming of them can be a kind of warning , a sign that alerts you to your relationships or it can be a way in which the inner self tries to find a solution to the various conflicts that arise in real life.

We must remember that in-laws can be the expression of all those values ​​that keep the family together and traditions and therefore their appearance in dreams can express our part related to family values.

Finally, the dream of the in-laws can symbolize wisdom, experience, a clearer vision of your work and therefore it can be an excellent opportunity to evaluate with relative impartiality what you are experiencing in your personal relationships and family environment.


  • Dreaming of an angry father-in-law foretells that you will have arguments with some people around you.
  • Dreaming of the dead father-in-law speaking symbolizes serenity and peace in family relationships.
  • Dreaming of your dead father-in-law can be a reminder of your family traditions.
  • Dreaming of the deceased mother-in-law is a kind of reminder of family traditions, you are probably neglecting something that should normally be remembered as an anniversary or anniversary.
  • Dreaming of a crying mother-in-law may mean that you have had a wrong attitude with your partner, you have done something bad that will displease someone close to you.
  • Dreaming of the crying of the deceased mother-in-law symbolizes past fights and misunderstandings with relatives that have led to embarrassing situations and serious problems that could be avoided by using a minimum of common sense for the peaceful life of the family.
  • Dreaming of your deceased in-laws smiling indicates that you have most likely done something that would make them happy, as long as they are not smiling to make fun of you.


  • Dreaming of living in harmony with the mother-in-law can indicate that differences and problems will not be resolved easily and in a short time.
  • Dreaming of arguing with your mother-in-law can mean that your existing conflicts will end in a short time and that you will live in peace and harmony.
  • Dreaming of former in-laws symbolizes that you miss them, that you are very nostalgic, probably because you have thought about them, and that you feel that your family is missing an important figure.

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