Dreaming about Jesus and its Meaning

Dreaming of Jesus is an oneiric experience full of emotion and meaning for those who have faith and are believers, but at the same time it is a very little reported event.

Therefore, when the dreamer explains that he has experienced such a dream, he may feel quite confused and, at the same time, may not be able to understand the reasons that pushed his unconscious to such a strong representation of its symbolism.

So let’s try to understand what it means to dream of Jesus, what is the correct dream interpretation according to the various elements present in the dream and the numbers to play if you want to try your luck in the Lottery.

Dreaming of seeing Jesus

Simply dreaming of seeing Jesus without interacting with him can indicate that the dreamer is experiencing a rather complicated phase of his existence due to which physical and mental forces seem to be failing.

In this sense, Jesus indicates the divine force to cling to in order to overcome the moment of loss.

Dreaming of talking to Jesus

A dream that can happen especially if you are a believer, Jesus speaking to us or a real conversation with Christ can indicate the dreamer’s need for advice that is slow to come from the loudspeaker of friends and family.

Dreaming of Jesus with Our Lady

Symbol of maternal love and affection, dreaming of seeing not only Jesus, but also the Virgin, could indicate that a difficult period to manage is finally coming to an end and that there is nothing to fear because you will not experience loneliness and anguish. . Another possible interpretation of this dream is the lack of contact with family members and the frustration that such separation is generating in the mind and soul of the dreamer.

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Dreaming of baby Jesus

Unlike the dream images described so far, that of Jesus the child bears only positive images . In this case, it is very likely that the dreamer wants to make a clean cut to the past , to the wrongs suffered and the mistakes made, to start a new path made of good news, new interests and a path of purity. In this sense, the figure of the pure child par excellence wants to be the symbol of our rebirth and of the new strength that derives from it.

Dreaming of Jesus dressed in white

As we know, colors are an important element in the interpretation of a dream experience. In the case of Jesus‘ dream, it is very likely that he is represented in white clothing. In this context, the white color associated with the figure of Jesus indicates the good news that is coming for the dreamer, something totally unexpected, a true miracle in which they no longer believed. The white color of Jesus‘ dress could also indicate a new spiritual beginning and the possibility of embarking on an important and lasting journey of faith.

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Dreaming of Jesus dead and/or on the cross

Images with a strong emotional impact and no less significant are the oneiric representations in which the protagonist is Jesus dead or dying on the cross. In both cases it is very likely that the subject has ceased to be a believer as a result of particularly difficult events during which the support of faith does not seem to have had the effect that the dreamer expected.

Another possibility related to this type of dream is that the subject feels strong in this period the pressure and the weight of the sacrifices he is making to get ahead.

Dreaming of Jesus and not being a believer

If the dreamer reports having seen Jesus but not being a believer at all, the dream is most likely the trick the unconscious is using to suggest to the person that they have come to believe in something , to let go of the hope that something positive can happen in their lives.

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Dreaming of Jesus and the numbers in the Lot

Dreaming of Jesus is generally linked, as expected, to the number 33 , the age to which the Holy Scriptures refer us in relation to his death. If we dream of the baby Jesus, the extract on which to point will become 45 while talking to Jesus is associated with the number 58 . If only Jesus speaks in the dream, the number to play will be 65 , while for the image of Jesus crucified the recommended extract is 69 .

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