Dreaming about Kidnapping or Abduction: Meaning and Interpretation

did you dream of someone being kidnapped or abducted ? This is a recurring bad experience if you constantly dream about events related to the kidnapping. It suggests that you feel powerless or weak against aggressive forces in waking life. 

Someone or something is holding you hostage so that you can enjoy your freedom more. We will go over everything you need to know about the meaning of a kidnapping dream.

Dream about kidnapping and abduction

kidnapping attempt

To dream that you almost got abducted or that someone tries to kidnap you, indicates that you are being manipulated by your circumstances or by someone. Perhaps someone is trying to trap or enslave you with certain moral or circumstantial chains. He lacks control over his own life. Others force you to act in a certain way to satisfy you.

escape kidnapping

To escape from your kidnapper or kidnapper’s guard, means feelings of freedom and control. You are no longer defenseless against others. And you are free to live your freedom and your real life.

kidnapped and tortured

To dream that you have been kidnapped and tortured, portends that you are going to suffer failures in the near future. An event or problem will take all your energy and time. You will struggle to stay afloat during this difficult period. The dream suggests that you will dread every moment of this experience.

Kidnapping for ransom

To dream that you or someone you know was kidnapped and the criminal is demanding a ransom from you; indicates that you will be financially harmed in the near future. Perhaps you are involved in bad contracts or financial decisions like a failed mortgage. 

The dream foretells that certain debt collectors will knock on your door both at home and at work. In fact, they will hijack your life until they get their money.

Dream About Place of Kidnapping or Abduction

Prison, Dungeon or Basement

To dream that you are kidnapped and placed in an underground cell, indicates that someone is holding you emotionally hostage. He or she will beat certain information out of you. He or she will make your life miserable, until you agree to give up your deep identities or beliefs.

Cabin in the woods

Finding yourself kidnapped by a cabin in the woods is a sign that you will soon be tempted to have adventures during a trip. He is aware of feeling emotionally alone, as he will seek comfort and help from other people who come to his aid.

Government or abduction by aliens

Seeing that you are abducted by a powerful force or organization such as the government or aliens, points to your freedom being taken away. Perhaps you are going through periods of overwork. 

You feel that your bodies no longer belong to you like slavery. The higher power is forcing you to sacrifice yourself for its own benefits or a hidden agenda.

Dream about kidnapping or abducting someone

kidnap someone you know

Seeing yourself kidnapping someone or a celebrity you know in the dream; it is a sign that you are jealous of the life that other people have. Subconsciously you want to take it off and keep it for yourself.

kidnap a stranger

To dream that you are kidnapping a stranger, foretells that you will take advantage of someone to further your own agenda. Perhaps you are imposing your worldview on others and keeping other people fairly quiet about certain issues.

hold someone captive

To dream that you are kidnapping someone implies that you are holding on to something. You need to let go of the people and the relationship. You may be imposing your views and opinions on others.

Dream about who is kidnapped or abducted

see a kidnapping

To dream that you are watching a kidnapping, suggests that you are witnessing some kind of social injustice in your daily life. Perhaps a boss or manager is making irrational requests against his co-workers. Working is asking you to put in a lot of overtime or stay in the office to do certain projects.

To dream that your own child or baby is kidnapped in the dream, reflects a true worldwide fear that you may lose them to others. Consider the real life events that are happening in your life. Are you going through a divorce or breakup of a relationship where your ex-spouse can claim and take her children?

baby kidnapping

To dream about kidnapping babies foretells that your business ideas or side businesses may be at risk. Someone in waking life could take away your job or your ideas. Be aware of lawsuits or threats that will stop your pet projects.

kidnapped friend

Dreaming about kidnapping of friends, such as a boyfriend or girlfriend being kidnapped, indicates that you are in an unhealthy relationship. Other people may be taking it.

Fake or self-hijack

To dream that you are faking a carjacking is a sign that you are sabotaging your own livelihood. Perhaps you are finding excuses for your own failures and imperfections. You want others to sympathize with your circumstances. However, your own failures may be the result of your own creation.

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