Meaning of dreaming about Lawyer

A dream involving an advocate/lawyer or attorney may indicate that you are in a difficult situation in real life. An advocate is generally someone who is connected to the law and legal systems, an advocate could be someone like a barrister, solicitor or solicitor.

Dreaming of being a defender and passing the bar exam indicates new possibilities that are waiting for you.

If you need an advocate in your dream, this can indicate that you need to work hard to be successful in life. Another meaning of a dream involving an advocate is that you want something in life. However, you are sure that you will get that something in life, but you are still worried.

Think about the side effects of your actions that you need to take to make this happen.

Seeing a lawyer in a dream refers to the fact that the person who sees the dream will do good deeds in a short time and that the income will increase day by day and that the problems and problems will end very soon thanks to the possibilities available and that they will pass painful and bad situations and bad days and that you will be saved with the help of someone you love and there will be fewer things to bother you.

Being a lawyer in your dream

The owner of the dream will find very good events that will change his life from beginning to end and he will be very happy with the people he loves and that he will be very happy with the end of the troubles and problems of the past and that things will get better every day and that his profits will increase considerably and that many of the things you dream of will come true.

Seeing you’re praying for God’s justice

This dream is a sign that your troubles and problems will be removed by the will of Allah and that your business will improve in a way that it has never been before, that you will make a profit from the businesses that you are associated with. You will compensate for the damages you suffered in the past, and the people who talk badly behind your back and the people who want you to sink are going to suffer the things they have thought and wanted from you. And your life will improve quickly.

see dream
Dream about poop and excrement

Saying “Hasbinallah ve Nimel Vekil” in your sleep

The fact that the owner of the dream will end up losing the illusions that have been going on for a long time, that the things in his hands will become very good and very beautiful, that the bad events that happen to him in a lot of trouble will be corrected in a short period of time, it is said to finish and land.

Seeing an MP or a Member of Parliament in your dream

It is interpreted that the person who sees the dream will have a very bad situation in the near future and will have to deal with family problems

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