Meaning of dreaming about lentils – 15 dream interpretations

Dreaming of lentils means that you are in a healthy environment, with a more than acceptable diet and that you have important emotional support. A lentil symbolizes strength, the necessary iron and an expression of the state of your spirit before the others.

If you dream of a lentil in the kitchen of your house, you will be able to resolve various shopping messages or various financial commitments. Dreaming of lentils on a work table can express, for example, safe work. Now, if the lentils are in your dining room, it could be interpreted as a positive premonition for both you and your loved ones.

Another thing that you should keep in mind when dreaming about lentils is that these types of dreams indicate fidelity or infidelity in the face of the complex tests of life in one way or another. It gives a premonition of delivery or abandonment of the objectives of life before people who are very dear to you and need you. If you want to continue knowing, what is the meaning of dreaming about lentils? – Keep reading this post.

Meaning of dreaming of lentils – 15 dream interpretations

The interpretations of dreams sometimes vary from one analysis to another, for example, for some, dreams with lentils are related to envy, selfishness, deceit and conflicts between close people or siblings, however, if in the dream appears raw and you have no contact with them, it can be a sign of good luck or new opportunities to obtain money.

When a person dreams that he is tasting a plate of lentils, it can be interpreted as a warning call, because it is possible that you are giving your trust to people who do not deserve it, and that they are taking advantage of your good faith to harm you more. go ahead.

On the other hand, dreams in which you see yourself cooking lentils or you see a third party preparing them, insinuates that you could have fallen into the game of people who do not have good intentions towards you, that is, that you may be generating discord and seeking to generate envy in others. others, which in the end can play tricks on you.

Taking this into account, we can analyze in more depth the interpretations of dreams related to lentils, so let’s see more deeply what meanings these dreams can have in our daily lives.

1.- Dreaming of green lentils

Dreaming of green lentils means lack of confidence. You need to direct your feelings better and express them in a healthy way. You feel like you are being scrutinized and judged for your actions or behavior. Your dream is an alert for the sadness, pain or suffering of someone around you. You are sacrificing or letting go of an aspect of your own self.

2.- Dreaming of yellow lentils

Dreaming of yellow lentils  is a premonition of characteristics that you have not recognized or incorporated into your own personality. You need to communicate or reestablish contact with someone from your present or past. You are trying to solve a problem. The dream signifies your self-expression, skills, and abilities. You are being chased or followed by someone.

3.- Dream that you buy lentils

When you dream that you buy lentils , it means that you have a friend or a close person who is reliable and that you can count on her for anything, that is, it is a premonition that you can be calm next to that someone who usually accompanies you regularly. .

4.- Dream that you sell lentils

To see the sale of lentils in your dream denotes that you will meet a relative, a friend whom you have not talked to for a long time or a colleague whom you lost track of long ago. This dream more than anything is an omen that you will talk about some good memories.

5.- Dreaming of lentil balls

Although it is a somewhat crazy dream, when you dream of balls of lentils or spherical lentils, it is a symbol that you will receive a proposal soon or you have a proposal at the door, there are even those who associate this dream with commitment, eye, it can be work or sentimental.

6.- Dreaming of lentil soup

Dreams in which a lentil soup appears are usually associated with the recognition of a new relative, it may be the birth of a new member of the family or it may be that you will meet a relative.

7.- Dreaming of a bombardment of lentils

When people dream of a bombardment of lentils , it can be an omen that you will have a problem in your work or family environment, or you will simply make a serious mistake which you will have to solve to get ahead.

8.- Dreaming of sowing lentils

dream related to planting lentils is related to the execution of a sacrifice and its reward, that is, it is possible that you have to make a considerable effort to carry out a project, a work, a family problem and at the same time. In the end you will be recognized for it.

9.- Dreaming of a field of lentils

The dream where a field of lentils is the protagonist , shows that you will live under pressure, you will be depressed or downcast due to the conservative attitudes of your family environment or the people around you.

10.- Dreaming of lentil seeds

Dreaming of lentil seeds is perhaps one of the most premonitory dreams on the planet, because this dream is associated with prosperity, abundance, production and wealth, that is, if you dream of this, the safest is that you will get some money soon.

11.- Dream that you are wearing lentils

When you dream that you have lentils with you , it is synonymous that prosperity will smile at you again, that is, if lately you did not have a good income in your business, home or work, it is possible that after dreaming of this the good streak will return to you. .

12.- Dreaming of lentil peas

Dreaming of lentil peas suggests feelings that you cannot verbally express or openly communicate. You may be moving too fast in some relationship or in some aspect of your life. You go against your instinct or your inclination. Your dream refers to your lack of power or control in a situation. You are not using your full potential and need to start using your stored energy levels and mental abilities.

13.- Dreaming of washing lentils

When we dream that we are washing lentils , it means that we are washing those sins that usually afflict our conscience and that we are purifying our soul.

14.- Dreaming of raw lentils

A dream in which the lentils appear raw , tells us about those projects that are in port or about to materialize, it is also associated with the generation of money or the consummation of concrete proposals that will allow you to obtain good dividends or will change your life completely. .

15.- Dreaming of lentils with rice

Dreams associated with lentils and rice may mean that you will have to go through episodes of much crying and some sacrifices to finally achieve your goals and objectives. But you should not be scared, because, once you achieve it, your environment will be full of peace, family unity and tranquility, as the saying goes, every effort is worth it.

Conclusions about dreaming of lentils

Basically, dreaming of lentils means that you may be going through a transition process or period of doubt, where you may think that you no longer have anyone to trust. Therefore, you must seek that understanding that allows you to find the total renewal of your life and leave behind everything that seeks to harm or harm you.

Another aspect that you should know about this type of dream is that you must find a way to get away from the people who are with you only to harm you, attack you or doubt you.

However, you must understand that to achieve a good interpretation of your dreams, you have to consider all the details present in it, the actions, the context, the way it unfolds, among other elements that can be considered important.

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