Dreaming about man and its meaning

Symbol of masculine energy in the dreams of men and women, the man lends itself to different interpretations , related to the context in which it occurs.

These interpretations are more related to the father figure or in any case with an important male figure in life, when the dream is female.

And they tend, therefore, to associate the figure of the man with an image of security and tranquility .

Obviously very important and not neglected are the details of the dream, the details, which help to give an accurate interpretation, also taking into account the circumstances in which the dream itself occurred and the individual dreamer.

Before analyzing the different symbols related to dreaming of a man , it should be noted that according to the Arabs, the figure in question represented the dreamer himself, whereas the Greek writer Artemidorus considered it the emblem of the present and the future .

Dreaming of a man: the different interpretations

Now we are going to discover the different meanings related to dreaming about a man , related to the different scenarios that can be prefigured.

Dreaming of an old man or an old manlends itself to a double interpretation. The first sees this image linked to fatigue, to a particularly intense, and even messy, period of life, and therefore represents a kind of “invitation” to disconnect, to get away from the chaos that is lived.

The second interpretation, on the contrary, associates the old man or the old man with the wise man, whose words should be held in high esteem because they could be of valid help in dealing with a given situation, which disturbs the dreamer.

Dreaming of a man with long hair , an expression of virility and strength, symbolizes the ideal partner or even your inner being, and denotes confidence and security in your abilities.

Dreaming of a fat man is an image closely related to the health of a subject. If you meet the man who appeared in the dream – fat or fat – it means that the dreamer is worried about him and his lifestyle.

If, on the other hand, the man is not a well-known person, a fear – associated with fat as something negative – is seizing the dreamer.

Dreaming of a man crying is a dream vision subject to a double interpretation, based on whether the man in question is known or not.

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In the first case, the dreamer is seriously hurt by this person, and he would like to lend him his help; in the second case, on the other hand, an unknown face, unknown and unknown, could embody the inner self of the subject, not sufficiently “cared for”, which comes to light through another image, reclaiming its “space”.

To dream of a man in uniform , such as a police officer or policeman, is (safety) (protection) symbol (especially if it pertains to a female dream image). Other times, however, it may denote an excessive tendency of the dreamer to control , which also extends to the people around him.

Dreaming of a giant man indicates a strong sense of self-confidence, great self-esteem. It can be an image linked to an important professional goal achieved by the dreamer, to a positive result that marked a turning point.

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Dreaming of a colored man expresses, in the purely feminine imagination, a hidden desire, almost always physical.

In other cases, the dream image in question is linked precisely to color in the literal sense of the term, representing the fear of the dreamer and the way in which he faces situations.

In this case, dreaming of the black man is something indefinite, since it is related to the figure created by parents to scare their children if they did not behave well.

If the vision pertains to children, it may symbolize an overly stifling parent; if instead it belongs to adults, it is definitely connected to fear, inadequacy, inability.

Dreaming of a hanging or hanged man , a very frequent image, has a generally negative meaning, related to a period of difficulty and deprivation.

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In particular, dreaming of a hanging man can also represent punishment for a related fault: if the man in question is a known person, it is the dreamer who wants to punish him, otherwise it can be the symbol of his inner being.

Dreaming of a man: the numbers to play

The “standard” numbers to play related to dreaming of a man are the numbers 71 and 90 .

Then we have to consider the specific cases: thus, for example, the number associated with a crying man is the number 69 , that of a dead man is the number 27 , that of a fat man is the number 88 .

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