the meaning of dreaming about money

To know the meaning of dreaming about money  , the first thing we have to do is answer these questions internally:

You like money?
What do you aspire to professionally in life?
Are you obsessed with money?
Do you like to spend money or on the contrary are you “the virgin of the fist saving”?
What are you worried about in life: health or money?

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The saying “health, money and love” is well known to all and in one way or another these can be considered the premises of our lives. Have you ever dreamed of money? Find out here about the different meanings of dreaming of money .

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Health and love are not within the direct and immediate reach of people, but money is. Throughout humanity, one of the greatest concerns has been the monetary issue, being fundamental the purchase of food, medicine, housing, clothing… Money rotates throughout our existence naturally from the beginning of our lives. That is why we orient almost everything to work and be successful to get as much money as possible.

But we must not neglect and obsess over money; We must work to live, not live to work.  People who are worried about money become misers who do not enjoy life, nor do they let others enjoy it, and the more money they have the more they want…

Wealth is not only related to the person as an individual but also to the community through companies, municipalities, associations, countries…, therefore it clearly implies a social need for everyone individually and with the group as well.

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  • 1 Meaning of dreaming about money, interpretations
  • 2 types of dreams with money
    • 2.1 Meaning of dreaming of spent money
    • 2.2 We dream that we lose money
    • 2.3 We dream of the disproportionate price
    • 2.4 Meaning of dreaming about money and that we fight for it
    • 2.5 We dream that we win the lottery
    • 2.6 Meaning of dreaming of money and gold coins


This type of dreams must be analyzed based on the personal circumstances of the dreamer and his personal, work and social situation. It is not the same that someone who is experiencing economic hardship dreams of money , as someone who has plenty.

Therefore, seeing the importance it has in our society, it is not surprising that many of us dream of money. But what is the meaning of money in dreams? What does it imply that we dream that we are earning or losing money ? Is it interpreted positively or negatively?…

Well, the fact that we dream of money and its interpretation have nothing to do with its value in real life, but rather with the values ​​of the person . If someone dreams of money, it shows a behavior, a personality and temperament that is equated with the dreamed fortune. That is why if we dream of a great capital , this dream is linked to a great inner strength.

Of course, dreaming of money describes a possible sexual attraction that sometimes satisfies us . Money is a source of power; for example rich men and women are powerful and attractive; since they provide protection, stability and confidence. For women in the world we live in, it symbolizes emancipation and freedom, and therefore provides independence from the male figure.


It represents a feeling of superiority and arrogance; an impression of greatness in front of others. We are and feel better and more valuable , as are gold coins compared to silver or bronze.

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