meaning of dreaming about naked

Dreaming that you are naked can be related to the person’s sexual life. Being naked also means freedom, lightness and shamelessness and being able to move freely without clothes. It can also trigger feelings of shame and awkwardness, a feeling of being exposed and vulnerable.

Feeling naked in dreams plays an important role, many people dream that they are naked, but the dream can be positive or negative depending on its interpretation.

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The person who dreams that he is naked and does not feel uncomfortable has the need to show himself as he really is. She has great self-confidence, but in life she cannot develop freely and fully live her character.

If she shows herself naked in front of many people , she has a desire to openly show some facet of her character and be able to express her opinion completely freely.

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Dreaming that you are naked can also signify a desire to be more open and honest in reality, or a fear of being misunderstood and not accepting certain behaviors.

Dreams of nudity can be frequent in which the person in question feels very uncomfortable and tries to hide their genitals. This would mean the fear of being exposed in a certain situation in life, being afraid of an opinion, of feeling vulnerable.


According to Sigmund Freud, the meaning of dreaming that you are naked is the expression of an unconscious longing , of wanting to recover the joy of childhood. For children nudity is something completely natural. Children do not know shame, nor worries.

The person who dreams of being naked has the desire to feel impartial and free again.


Dreaming that you are naked can be interpreted spiritually as a symbol of a new stage, a new beginning. The person who has this dream returns to his natural state of innocence.

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