Dreaming about panther meaning and symbolism

The panther symbolizes personal power, decision, fierceness, anger, danger, darkness, death, beauty, grace, and rebirth.

That’s too much symbolism for a single dream animal to carry!

The panther has also been associated with intuition and feminine energy. In Christian symbolism, the panther represents protection against evil.

Dream panther has both positive and negative connotations. In the positive area, it represents your personality and characteristics such as wisdom.

To dream of a panther in this way means that you must apply that wisdom to further your cause.

Negatively, a panther can represent a deceitful friend or acquaintance who wants to take advantage of you.

The panther of dreams also represents strength in action, so it can tell you to take strong and definite action in order to succeed.

The actual activities of the panther in your dream and the way you feel about it are key to your interpretation:

  • If a panther attacks you in the dream, it can indicate that you might be slandered, while killing a panther means that you will get over false accusations.
  • If you fear the panther in your dream, it suggests that you will see an unexpected cancellation of contracts.
  • If the panther threatens you , it means that you will face disappointments in business, while the growl of a panther suggests the arrival of bad news.
  • In some dreams, the panther represents an ignoble enemy. So if you dream of eating food with the panther, it means that you will be protected from this enemy.
  • And if you fight the panther and win , you will overcome the obstacles this enemy placed for you and achieve your goals despite their best efforts.

As soon as we hear the word panther, we have the image of this animal with shiny black fur, looking fiercely into our eyes. Not everyone has the guts to even imagine a pure black vicious panther.

If you dream of a panther, try to remember what he does in it. Is she just walking? Is he looking deep into your eyes? Is she trying to scare you? Are you angry? Is it black or does it look like a leopard?

The more you remember about him, the easier it will be for you to interpret your panther dream.

Dream of a black panther

Generally, dreaming of a black panther means enemies. If the panther is trying to scare you in your dream, your enemy is surely making plans to humiliate you in public or make you feel embarrassed about the project you are working on. He is surely trying his best to do something against you so that he wins in the race.

Sometimes that dream can also mean your competitors, if you are a businessman. There are hundreds of competitors of entrepreneurs and they are always trying to be ahead in the race.

Symbolism of panthers in dreams

a panther represents enemies, strength, power, cruelty, menace and cunning in life.
To dream of an angry panther represents your personality in waking life. You are terribly angry about something in your life and the frustration is eating you up.

Therefore, you find it difficult to focus on the best aspects of your life.

Dreams with most common panthers

  • Dreaming of a calm and silent panther: It means that you are going to resolve a conflict with an old enemy. You may have a new friend on your list!
  • Dreaming of a sad panther represents sadness in your heart for all the sacrifices you have made in your life.
  • Being chased by a panther – Such a dream represents fear of enemies or fear of being defeated by Karmas.
  • Chasing a panther – you are doing your best to meet the challenges posed to you by your enemies or competitors.
  • To defeat a panther – such a victorious dream indicates the defeat of enemies. Some of your enemies may surrender.

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