Dreaming about relatives and their meaning

Dreaming of relatives is an oneiric event that no one can escape at least once in their life. The family represents, for better or for worse, the starting point of the birth and growth of each individual who, through the relationship and constant confrontation with parents, grandparents, uncles and cousins , matures and stands out in personality and attitudes. The dream of family members can, therefore, be linked to many aspects of the dreamer’s life that sometimes have not been fully addressed and for which our unconscious suggests new solutions through the dream vision of family members who sometimes they represent much more than what we are accustomed to believe in everyday life.

dreaming of brothers

In the different possibilities linked to the dream of relatives, one of the most widespread and interesting is undoubtedly that of dreaming of brothers or sisters. Depending on the dream, the presence of these figures could represent some shadow areas in the dreamer’s life linked, for example, to rivalry and jealousy that are silent in daily life but are coming to light through the dream representation. Some of the character traits of the dreamer’s siblings may also be the motivation for which they dream. Unconsciously, in fact, the dreamer may be attracted to some virtuous behaviors that he would like to appropriate to improve his life.

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Dreaming of a relative of the same sex as the dreamer

When a woman who feels the burden of different responsibilities dreams of an aunt, sister or cousin very often this could indicate a series of lighter , uninhibited and superficial behaviors that the dreamer would like to have for himself and that he does not have due to limitations of type. family, sentimental or work. For a man, dreaming of a father, an uncle or a cousin can mean frustration with roles and resources that the dreamer feels she does not have and that she can only admire in other male members of her family.

Dreaming of parents or grandparents

Dreaming of your parents or grandparents has to do with the deepest ties and your roots. Obviously all this can have different meanings depending on the positive or negative relationships that bind the dreamer to these family figures. Very often, parents and grandparents in dreams can indicate, depending on the age of the dreamer and the stages of his life, the passage from the typical lightness of adolescence to the responsibilities of the adult world instead of the protection network that makes the path of the child or grandchild less uncertain. In these cases, the dreamer attributes to the dream relatives the function of guardians of her path, figures that, depending on the experience of each one, will be perceived more or less lovingly.

Dream with the family to understand what is wrong

Many times, dreaming of one’s own family can be a way in which the unconscious tries to make the dreamer understand what are the aspects to be resolved in his life and also in the relationship with his own relatives. Conflicts , latent grudges, old discussions that never ended can resurface making the family’s dream a moment of reflection. Even the positive dream of his relatives can allow the dreamer to understand what he lacks in his current life, such as, for example, more warmth and a sense of togetherness , a need for protection in anticipation of a new event whose outcome is feared or, again, childhood nostalgia.

Dreaming of deceased relatives

Dreaming of deceased relatives can have multiple meanings depending on what they communicate to the dreamer. Dreaming of them angry can mean that the dreamer has made a mistake , dreaming of them smiling can mean that the dreamer has finally accepted her departure. Dreaming of deceased relatives hugging, lovingly talking, and advising can denote the dreamer’s need to hold them close and be comforted in a time of loneliness or important choices. Finally, dreaming of them alive can represent the nostalgia of not having fully experienced their presence when they were really alive.

Dreaming of relatives: what numbers to play the lottery

To try your luck in the Lottery by playing numbers related to the dream of relatives, here are some of the most common possibilities. Dreaming of a relative is commonly associated with the number 77. If the relatives are of the first degree, the number to play the lottery is 7, if they are far away, the number 5. Dreaming of hostile relatives is associated in the Kabbalah with the number 68 , while the prime has the number 44 and the prime has the number 4.

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