meaning of dreaming about running

Dreaming of running can be associated with many issues, which has to do with the life we ​​lead today, where we spend most of the day doing things and sometimes running to finish them. With which it is no coincidence that, when it is time to sleep, we dream that we are running.

The fact of dreaming of running can also be associated with escaping from something, you know, just like when a dog chases you to bite you, there are times in life that we have to run, many of them have to do with issues that we can handle and others no, that’s why the meaning of these dreams is quite ambiguous.

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  • 1 Meaning of dreaming of running
  • 2 Other interpretations of dreaming of running
    • 2.1 Dream that you are running in a competition
    • 2.2 Dream that you run so as not to be late
    • 2.3 Dream that you run barefoot


You dream that you are running through clear places, it indicates that you are going through a stressful situation and you need to clear your mind, in order to get rid of negative thoughts.

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It indicates that other people are in a problem that you see is affecting them, but it does not necessarily affect you, so you watch them go by.

Dreaming that we are running after an animal: This depends on the animal, but it is a good sign if the animal is large, since it indicates that we are not afraid of going after great challenges.

If you dream that you are running alone: ​​If you only see yourself running, but you feel good about it, it indicates that you are a person who can manage on your own and that is good for you, which is a completely positive dream.

To dream that you are running after a person: Indicates that you are behind someone you love in your life, but for some reason you cannot be with that person. If it is a loved one, it may indicate that you are trying too hard to please that person. It is interesting to take into account this dream to foresee this way of acting.

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It means that you are struggling to achieve your dreams. If you win the competition, it indicates that you have achieved something that several people longed for, but only you could achieve it thanks to your effort.


This has to do with the fact that you are a late person or that you at least feel bad for having been late to some place that was important to you. This also indicates the fear of being wrong and that this negatively affects other people who are important to you.


It can indicate various issues depending on how you feel in the dream. On the one hand, if you feel bad, it can be a sign of having low self-esteem, and feeling that other people judge you for your image. While, if you feel good, it is a sign of freedom and strength, the fact that you can run barefoot, without worrying about what others say or what may happen.

Dreaming of running and falling: Falling is not bad as long as you get up, so this dream can indicate insecurity about some issue in your life in which you have to put all your efforts to achieve it and that can mean something important to you.

Dreaming of running because they are chasing you: This indicates a certain desperation to find an answer to a problem that worries us. There is something that haunts us, that does not leave us alone, it may be a feeling of guilt for something you have done or simply some economic problem.

Dreaming of running after a car: This dream is indicative that the time to achieve that goal that you want so much is running out. It is generally a common dream in students at exam time, especially when they do not get to study everything necessary . It can also indicate insecurity about your job or some task that you must deliver.

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