Dreaming about Shells: Meaning and Interpretation

Have you dreamed of shells? Shells in a dream represent security and protection. You are hiding your true or real feelings. Consider what kind of shells are in the dream or what you are doing with the shells for better interpretations. Next we are going to write down the most common dreams with shells.

Dream about actions with shells

Dream of collecting shells

Collecting shells in the dream indicates that you will see a big treasure where other people see garbage. Consider recycling dreams where you see the best in people. You see the beauty of everything in waking life.

dream of breaking shells

Breaking different shells in the dream, suggests that you are breaking the vulnerability and sensitivity of others.

Dream about collecting loose shells

Collecting shells on the shore of the beach, predicts a sea voyage. You will enjoy a soul searching process with a vacation near the ocean.

Dream of being inside a shell

Dream that you are living inside a shell; indicates that you are establishing a strong defense mechanism to protect yourself. It’s like a moat that blocks those who could harm you. You are afraid of allowing yourself to be emotionally vulnerable and available to others.

shell necklace

Dreaming of a shell necklace symbolizes success in your financial and love affairs. You will be able to make the connection of many previous experiences to form a healthy vision. All trips make up who you are. Remember all the individual stories they can represent.

broken shells

Delicate or broken shells in the dream indicate that you may be feeling vulnerable. You are susceptible to being hurt. Be careful with your every move.

Dream about different types of shells

Dream About Sea Life Shells


Dreaming of shellfish shells such as shrimp or crab shells suggests that you feel dominated and insignificant. Beware of people trying to take advantage of you for their own benefit.

Cowrie, snail shells, nautilus shell

Dreaming of larger shells such as cowries, nautilus or conch shells, suggests that you might try asking for help. However, you are likely to hear echoes from yourself or other people in the same boat. Do not demand to receive real help that can change the situation. You will have to trust yourself.

Turtle shell

The turtle shell, as a dream symbol, usually suggests refuge and protection from the world and your inner thoughts. More info about dreaming with the shell of the turtle .

Clam and pearl shells are an omen of wealth. Soon you will be rewarded for something.

Abalone, scallop or oyster shells

Dreaming of shells of delicacies such as abalone, scallops or oysters; they mean financial frustrations. You will have trouble enjoying or accessing your wealth. Or you will work very hard for nothing.

dream of other shells

Snail shell

Snail shells in the dream represent that you will take the long and slow road to achieve success in your business and educational life. It will keep moving slowly but growing at the same time. However, you are not likely to get much help. You will grow and become a better version of yourself.

Coconut shell

A dream that focuses on the shell of the coconut fruit, or the items that are made up of coconut shells; implies that you are being opinionated about a situation.

Dream about other types of shells


Eggshells in the dream represent your comfort zone.

Seeing bombshells relates to a suppressed explosive energy. Perhaps you are afraid of certain problems or issues that have been held back for too long. Things will inevitably take a surprisingly worse turn.

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