Dreaming about Sister and its meaning

The figure of the sister in dreams is generally positive . The ancient tradition emphasizes in this archetype the attributes of a loving and selfless helper , a virginal feminine element (= stripped of sexual connotations) in which to place unlimited trust, through the main difficulties of life.

This absolute and uncompromising goodness forces him to confront and judge himself.

Unconsciously, “uncomfortable” questions arise: “What have I done to deserve such kindness? and “Will I be able to be equally available? Here are the elements that can emerge from disharmony, more than anything else from the comparison and (automatic!) judgment that results with your own interiority.

Many sources report concepts such as “jealousy”, “envy“, “conflicts”, and this is correct, but they all refer to the dreamer’s psyche who finds himself in the presence of an archetype of idealized perfection.

Therefore, in its basic meaning, dreaming of the sister is a symptom of bravely facing a situation of fundamental step in one’s life, and looking for powerful reference figures from whom to obtain help.

This help ultimately translates into an accurate measurement of one’s abilities through an ideal comparison. Let’s look at some more specific examples.


The feeling of “upward confrontation” is probably more pronounced. The older sister is somehow a fusion between the “pure sister” and the “great mother”. The need for security, for concrete allies, for abandonment, for psychophysical rest.

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Relax : If you are able to make this comparison, it means that you are worth more than you think and that you will be successful in any situation.


She is the pure sister. She can be calm, smiling, sure of herself, in a positive and happy moment (for example, marriage, pregnancy, etc.): in these cases it means that you are on the right track, that you know and trust yourself.

But it can also cry, be sad, suffer, stimulate the dreamer’s protective instinct.

Attention: it means that you are deceiving yourself, that you do not want to see or face your own fragility or weakness, and that you project it onto an external figure.

Again – fight, envy, jealousy, annoyance – anger against yourself prevents you from seeing your flaws and intervening to improve them.

The changes that are taking place are overwhelming, they refer to macrostructures of our personality that are wavering or about to collapse.

If the dream is the cause of anxieties that persist even when we are awake, it is a symptom that we need concrete help to resolve the situation. If you cry a lot during the dream, on the other hand, it means that you recognize that you have within yourself the faculties to overcome the moment.

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If the emotionality of the dream, on the other hand, is “under control,” it is likely that we have already successfully passed the critical point.

In perspective, a positive dream: the crisis is so strong that it will have to be overcome, and it will come out stronger; That is why tradition assigns a positive omen to this dream.


It indicates a high degree of coherence with itself in its positive version, especially when the “transport” is platonic; but it can hide dangerous pitfalls of self-referentiality, of excessive attention to oneself to the detriment of others, even a repressed desire for domination and control in the most carnal aspects of such desire.

In these cases, it is advisable to delve into the nature of what involves us, perhaps with the help of an expert.


Apart from the understandable nostalgia for the loved one, which refers to the personal aspects of each one, «remembering» the disappeared sister, at the dream/architectural level, does not differ at all from dreaming of the living sister.

Therefore, what has been said above applies to the other figures. See also ” Dreaming of death “.

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