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Dreaming about Snails and its Meaning

The snail is not an animal that is often dreamed of, because our ego is not attracted to this figure that moves slowly accompanied by the inseparable snail that it carries on its back, the house where it takes refuge from dangers.

Although it is a singular dream, the appearance of a snail contains in itself a very specific meaning that concerns the most intimate spheres of the personality.


The meaning of dreaming of a snail is strictly linked to the personality of each one of us , to the way it is perceived and to the social relationships that we create with the world.

Being a shy but extremely voracious animal, it stands out as a hermaphrodite par excellence.

All these elements often bring you closer to the sexual sphere: » Think of the extreme sensitivity of the horns that scan the environment, the ease with which they are stretched and portrayed, the phallic image that contrasts with the smooth moisture of the body easily associated with the vulva .”

Not only that, dreaming of a snail can symbolize a period of confusion or uncertainty that you are experiencing. To properly understand the meaning of the dream, you have to capture the details from the shape of the snail.


Remembering how the snail was made in a dream is very important because each of its elements has a different explanation:

  • The snail that carries its house on its back symbolizes, due to its spiral shape, an image of continuity and in dreams it can also be connected with the responsibilities that you carry behind you, the thoughts that torment us and those that we struggle to get rid of. .
  • Dreaming of snails with a shell is a symbol closely related to the need for protection, since the snail is the snail’s home, but also the need to have a place of your own where you can take refuge and reflect on your actions to make the right decision.
  • If instead the snail we dream of does not have a shell , this will symbolize being too exposed, as if we lacked a roof over our head that makes us feel naked.
  • Those who dream of this situation could lead to an abrupt awakening because if we feel helpless against the daily enemies that attack us, we will not be able to protect ourselves.

In addition, we could also give another explanation, such as discovering a hidden truth or being abandoned by a person we care so much about who was previously a safe haven and a firm boss to cling to.


  1. The slowness of the snail , both real and in dreams, symbolizes the tranquility and calm of the dreamer’s character, but also his sexual life, which is serene and balanced.
  2. Dreaming that you have snails crawling : it has a double meaning. Crawling snails represent the desire to have children, in fact, they are often dreamed of by women who cannot get pregnant. Or it could represent the desire to break free from a particularly suffocating and oppressive figure, who has just entered the dreamer’s life and who behaves in a subtle way.
  3. Dreaming of collecting snails has a positive meaning, since it means that a pregnancy may come soon. Collecting snails makes sense if the person you want to have a child with and build a family with is also in the dream.
  4. Giant snails dreaming , indicates a lot of sexual confusion, since we say that being a hermaphrodite animal is related to the sexual sphere of the dreamer who does not know how to behave and experiences an inner crisis.
  5. Dreaming of eating snails symbolizes the relationship that the dreamer has with society, the desire to feel approved, enjoying them at dinner means that you have achieved a good social position, you feel satisfied both sentimentally and professionally.


According to Kabbalah, the numbers for the snail to play are 28 : 7 (Dream Snails); 79 (snail with snail); 74 (snail without snail).

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